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ds3 has a squitty bum

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codswallop · 06/06/2004 19:56

but is otherwise fine

is there anythinhg I should do? hwo long till the docs? he has had it for 5 days

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 06/06/2004 20:00

Keep him hydrated. I would go to the docs tomorrow, as 5 days is not 'normal' for the runs.

codswallop · 06/06/2004 20:00

really chin?
havent seen youa round for a while? have oyu been to s america?

OP posts:
codswallop · 06/06/2004 20:03

look at this! a sign for your haouse here!

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 06/06/2004 20:50

I've been keeping my head in my warren for a while, although I have posted occasionally. Hope your ds is feeling better soon. Poor love...and poor you too (yukky nappies, bleugh)

codswallop · 06/06/2004 21:11

Oh, really bleurrgh!
glad you are ok

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 06/06/2004 22:46

Well, not OK really, but trying to keep going. I'm not too bad if busy, or talking, but when given time to think I get all 'woe is me...' which is making me really p*ssed off Anyway, enough about me. You OK?

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