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The story of the mysterious rash

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melsy · 31/05/2004 10:27

DD 8mths Thursday developed a strange rash which we thought was may be carpet burn from dragging herself all over the floor(she does army type crawling). I then thought it may be chicken pox as there were some darker more raised ones & I have been around a friends child who we found out had chicken pox. I took her to the doctor on Friday when we realised the rash was spreading , but she didnt seem ill. The doctor had no diagnosis so said it was either suspected chicken pox or ezcema AGAIN, she has finally got over a bought of it from 0-6mths. The rash has now spread further and further and covers 80+% of her body. I phoned our emergency docs last night at the hospital but because she hasnt a temp or ill then they said she didnt need to be seen. Its like very fine little red raised spots (bit like german measles) but she has had NO fever or ill like symptoms. It is also slighlty darker in places (she scratches those bits), more blotchy(ive checked with a glass for menegitis and they fade with the glass). I will now be returning to the doctors as I am unhappy with a diasgnosis of "IM NOT SURE WHAT IT IS" , as they recommened I use paraffin 50/50 stuff , but if they dont know what it is how can they reccomened I use stuff which may aggravate it???? . I think I will be firm this time and ask for a refferall and not be palmed off with ambiguity , Im not going to be passive and hope it goes away. Or just keep loading stuff on her which might make it worse. I am quite worried and will be soo upset if it goes to her lovely little face. Anyone having a similar experince with mysterious rashes ??

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melsy · 31/05/2004 11:41

My mums just come over and thinks its heat rash ??? Looks like ill have to pull out my remedies for that-- I got sooooooooo bad when preggers last year. Any tips for it ?? I had a whole page of stuff on what to bathe in etc but cant remeber were I put it.

OP posts:
melsy · 31/05/2004 11:52

Anyone ??? -- I could really do with a reminder for heat rash. I may be wrong but its hot today and the poor little thing may be unncomfortable.

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Soapbox · 31/05/2004 11:55

Melsy - I'm not sure what it is. However, from my experience children often have unexplained rashes (my 2 have had loads of them). They may be viral and often come on just before they are about to come down with a cold or some other viral infection. This looked like lots of tiny tiny little red dots all over the body (but not on the face IME).

Not much help I know but I think most serious rashes do come with fever or with out of sorts ill children and babies!

gloworm · 31/05/2004 12:04

try 100% pue aloe vera gel. we found it great for heat rash last summer. in fact its great for just about any type of rash, excema, spots, etc. its really cooling and soothing.

albert · 31/05/2004 12:20

When I got heat rash, I was recommended to bathe in rice starch which I got from a health food shop, it seemed to help. But definately stand firm and get something more useful out of the Dr.

ChicPea · 31/05/2004 21:41

Interesting question as my DD of 20mths has rash on buttocks and slight one on legs with temp of 36.6 and DS of 7mths has rash on tum and same temperature although they both feel hot. They both have runny noses and are generally not 100%. I did the glass test too just in case and woke them both up at 11pm last night to check they hadn't got worse and they hadn't.
I think that children catch all sorts of bugs which can escalate v.quickly indeed. The most important thing to establish, I think, is that it's not meningitis, and once you know that, you can feel better and just keep an eye on things.

misdee · 31/05/2004 21:53

melsy, if it is ezcema then there are plenty of ways to control it. have a look at the pictures on this link to see if your dd rash seems like any of these. some of them are quite horrible (avoud the one of an infected foot) but will give you some idea of what ezcema can look like. i havent been able to find any of mild ezcema yet, and cant wake my dd's to take some for you. sometimes they have raised spots in between the bad patches.

LauraK · 31/05/2004 21:56

Ds1 got a mysrerious rach when he was about 8 months old, he was a real mess at the time, but not too ill in himself. The third and final diagnosis was that he had caught the strep throat infection, and this was one of it's effects.

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