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Chest infections - any non-antibiotic remedies?

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Mo2 · 27/05/2004 10:57

This is for me - not DSs.....

I had pneumonia a couple of years ago, and since then it feels as if I've been left with a 'weak' chest...
Everytime there's a cold etc around I'm left afterwards with a deep-seated, irritating cough for at least 2 weeks.

I've now got another one - the 4th this year already - been going on for almost 2 weeks - rattley chest, but not always productive - it's just wearing me out.

I don't feel 'ill' - just tired of it - and it stops me from exercising as it affects my aerobic capacity.

Don't really want to go to GP - usually either just get antibiotics (which I don't want to keep getting) or fobbed off with 'just give it time'.

Anyone had any success with anything alternative - homeopathy/ acupuncture etc etc?

OP posts:
gloworm · 27/05/2004 11:13

i own a health shop and would recomend:

Echinacea to boost your immune system. Bioforce is hard to beat.

Bioforce Ivy-thyme to clear mucus from chest, makes cough more productive, stops the unnecessary irriting part of cough. generally a good tonic for chest/lunds.

Friendly bacteria to counteract any antibiotics you've had and to boost immune system. Quest is a decent brand, solgar is one of the best brands.

popsycal · 27/05/2004 11:31

thank goodness for this thread - this is just what i need!!!

any ideas for geographic tongue while you are at it gloworm???

gloworm · 27/05/2004 11:33

what exactly is geographic tongue? (sorry have never heard of it) but if you explain...i migh come up with something

popsycal · 27/05/2004 11:37

look at this thread - there are afew of us who could do with something!!!

popsycal · 27/05/2004 11:38

here it is

gloworm · 27/05/2004 11:44

wow, what a compicated condition...sounds like no one is sure what causes it.
i cant think of a cure of the top of my head but will see if i can find out anything.

foxinsocks · 27/05/2004 11:55

Mo2, I don't know if you are in the UK or not but when I lived overseas (I'm now in the UK but have lived overseas for a time), the chemist always gave me a cough mixture called Silomat. I had recurrent bronchitis for years and this was the only thing that gave me any relief. It's not your average cough medicine - its not antibiotic but it definitely contains something that opens the chest up, reduces inflammation and gets the mucus out. The other mixture I had was Bisolvon Linctus which is a bronchodilator - but probably not as useful for what you have.

robinw · 28/05/2004 07:54

message withdrawn

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