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Baby in SCBU - advice please!!

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Yorkiegirl · 26/05/2004 22:10

Message withdrawn

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Yorkiegirl · 26/05/2004 22:25

Message withdrawn

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Hulababy · 26/05/2004 22:26

Yorkiegirl. (((hugs))) to your friend and to you too, must be worrying. I don't have any advvice or experience of SCBU but wanted to wish your friend lots of good wishes and hope she can take her baby home soon.

marthamoo · 26/05/2004 22:27

Sorry, yorkiegirl, know nothing, just didn't want you to feel you were being ignored. Hope your friend's babba is alright.

Yorkiegirl · 26/05/2004 22:29

Message withdrawn

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maisystar · 26/05/2004 22:37

unfortunately dont know anything about the bile-green stuff i think often indicates infection but not sure.

my ds was in scbu for nearly 2 weeks when he was born, it was as you say a really upsetting time.

i hope your friends coping ok, her little boy is in the best possible place. xxx

tamum · 26/05/2004 22:45

I don't know if this will really help, but it seems to indicate bowel obstruction of some kind. I would have thought that it could be sorted out quite well with surgery. I think the main thing to concentrate on is that the paed clearly did the right thing, and very promptly, so he is obviously in good hands. Try to keep positive; it must be hard though.

twogorgeousboys · 26/05/2004 22:49

Hi Yorkiegirl, have no experience of this, but have used DH's very good search engine that he uses for research.

It seems that a baby vomiting bile indicates either a gastrointestinal obstruction or possibly a twisted bowel. These problems can sometimes require surgery which generally resolves the problem.

I don't know if this helps to relieve your worrying but he's obviously in the very best place at the moment to try and sort out what is going on. Keep us posted.

Yorkiegirl · 27/05/2004 09:19

Message withdrawn

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CountessDracula · 27/05/2004 09:40

Hope everything is ok xx

Marina · 27/05/2004 09:54

Hope everything is OK, Yorkiegirl. Dd spent two precautionary days in SCBU directly after she was born and I found it terrifying. And she wasn't really all that poorly with hindsight...hugs to you both and hoping for better news today.

Blu · 27/05/2004 10:33

How is your friend holding up Yorkiegirl? All I can say is that when DS was in hospital and we had to take him down to the SBCU for anti-biotics, and when i was in and out of the babies ward for 5 weeks, we saw many newborn babies having really, really complex and advanced surgery on different organs, and they all sailed through it. Surgery to put things right is not as frightening as infection or actual illness in tiny babies, even though they seem so fragile. What sort of help would your friend appreciate? The person I loved most while I was stuck in hospital worrying was the person who turned up with a beautifully presented plate of spicy cold chicken satay, with lots of lovely salad - a complete contrast to the grisly hospital food! And the one who brought a gorgeous little bag of aromatherapy shower stuff to use in the grim hospital parents bathroom!
Good luck to all.

Yorkiegirl · 27/05/2004 17:17

Message withdrawn

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Yorkiegirl · 27/05/2004 22:37

Message withdrawn

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monkeygirl · 27/05/2004 22:46

That's brilliant news!

Must have been very scary at a time when your friend should have been feeling delirously happy - hope she can allow herself to feel that now.

twogorgeousboys · 27/05/2004 22:54

That is great news Yorkiegirl - what a relief.

Yorkiegirl · 28/05/2004 15:21

Message withdrawn

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dinosaur · 28/05/2004 15:52

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

Yorkiegirl · 28/05/2004 19:51

Message withdrawn

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nightowl · 29/05/2004 02:15

bump. send them my love yorkiegirl. i dont know anything about his problem but i do know what its like to have a baby in SCBU. my thoughts are with them xx

twogorgeousboys · 29/05/2004 07:22

Oh, how awful Yorkiegirl. I'm sure that they will make sure they get to the bottom of the problem this time, fingers crossed.

marbeth · 29/05/2004 17:41

Hi Yorkiegirl

The xray will show if there is any obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract and bowel.If they find anything then may require surgery.However from past experencies although very frightening for your friend babies recover very quickly depending on the condtion found.

maisystar · 29/05/2004 18:25

poorbaby same as night owl-knowing what its like to have a baby in scbu. i hope your friends managing ok (and her dp) and they get some good news soon.

Yorkiegirl · 30/05/2004 14:59

Message withdrawn

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Yorkiegirl · 31/05/2004 09:18

Message withdrawn

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