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Croup??? In May???

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Lisa78 · 26/05/2004 18:58

DS2 has had a temperature on and off for two or three days which I put down to teething (he's 6 months). This morning, he seemed a bit chesty so I thought, ahh, getting a cough and cold, but he's been refusing food since lunchtime. By teatime, he was very crabby, wouldn't eat and his breathing sounded quite laboured - I thought it was croup but then thought nah, it can't be in May. So, took him to the doctor and he said it is croup... Weird. Anyway, he has some salbutamol which I am fine with, but the doctor also prescribed amoxcillin - I said I wasn't happy giving him this unless he really, really needed it, and he was quite happy with that - am I going mad, I thought croup was viral???
Anyway, apart from steam, snuffle babe and cuddles, anything else we can do? Poor little bundle of misery!

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Lisa78 · 26/05/2004 19:13


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LIZS · 26/05/2004 19:16

I always thought croup was viral but perhaps if he is congested there is a throat or ear infection too ? Friends dd has had several bouts of it at various times of the year, but mostly winter. Hoep he feels better soon

lou33 · 26/05/2004 19:36

Croup is viral Lisa, but in some cases it can cause a chest infection, which needs treating with anti biotics. This has happened with ds1, it's not v common though. Hth.

Lisa78 · 27/05/2004 13:31

and what do they give the poor mummy who's been up all the night and has aching hips, cos poor poorly baby won't be put down??? Urgh
Poor babes, he sounds AWFUL

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sugarplumfairy · 27/05/2004 13:48

My 3 have all had croup regularly, DD2 who is three had it again a couple of weeks ago so its not just a winter thing I always thought that viruses were more active when its warm. I use a vapouriser in her room that I got from Boots it seems to help and give regular calpol and use snuffle babe also, if there is congestion you could try some medicine for that if he is old enough.

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