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owwwwwwww ulcers on tongue

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Beccarollover · 24/05/2004 17:53

ow ive got 2 really painful ulcers on my tongue - they have been around for a few days now

How do you get them? How can I get rid

DP had them a few weeks ago - is it linked that we both have them?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 24/05/2004 17:57

Becca. I get tons of ulcers and mouth sores - several at a time. I get them more when I am run down or stressed or tired. I think it can also be linked to a vitamin deficiency too - can't remember what though - sorry. You can get various gels - like teething ones - to apply to temporarily numb them but TBH I don't think they work very well. I did get a paste from the doctors at one point. You paste it on and it kind of sets over them, used at night. DH loved it as it rendered my silent

pesme · 24/05/2004 18:03

Hi, I get this too. Best thing is lots of sleep & wash your mouth out with warm salt water. I use the paste too, not sure if it works but it makes me feel better to be putting something on them. Hope you feel better soon, they are a misery.

jampot · 24/05/2004 18:04

I've found Anbesol liquid to be the best thing at numbing my tongue ! Not to be confused with AnUsol

foxinsocks · 24/05/2004 18:11

oooh I love Anbesol gel but it stings when it goes on then numbs it for ages (v good if you want to eat a curry!).

Some say its a Vit B12 deficiency but that certainly isn't the case for me because I took Vit B12 for a while and they still kept coming!! May work for you though. They can be linked to viruses (like herpes, the non-genital type! ). Otherwise, mine tend to come when the kids have poked me in the mouth or I'm really run down. Apparently, a certain percentage of the population are just susceptible to them - just like some people always get flu etc....

essbee · 24/05/2004 18:14

Message withdrawn

melsy · 24/05/2004 18:22

Hi becca , havent "spoken" in while !!!

Unfortunately they are like a virus and you get them when run down. They can be a form of internal excema, as I have been prescribed a small tablet to melt there when I need to, this normally helps within 48hrs. The other paste to use is orabase which u can get in Boots and creates a hards coating over it.

popsycal · 24/05/2004 19:11

becca - i am the queen of sore mouths!!!!!

i got these things called cortison pellets (will check exact name and msn you!)
they were fab fro my minging tongue!

melsy · 24/05/2004 19:16

shall call you jadeycal from now on !!

Bouj · 24/05/2004 19:36

Becca, I had this last week - absolutely horrible. How can something so small hurt so much?!? Did any of your kids have them? Apparently there was a bit of an 'epidemic' around this way (SW London) according to my doctor. Ds had them for about a week, and a few of his baby friends also had them. Some sort of virus the doctor said. I lived on his bonjela, and then wine at night! Hopefully they are better tomorrow....

suedonim · 24/05/2004 22:49

Adcortyl in Orabase is the way to go! It covers the lesion with a thin film and also has a tiny amount of steroid in it to promote faster healing. I used it when my mouth was cut in an accident and it felt sooooo much better within just 48hrs. Hope you feel better soon, ulcers are so debilitating.

robinw · 25/05/2004 04:46

message withdrawn

Hulababy · 25/05/2004 09:01

Might try that then robinw - anything to try and avoid them in the future.

Beccarollover · 25/05/2004 09:02

Adcortyl in Orabase

OP posts:
ELLJAY · 25/05/2004 09:10

i get this when i am very tired/run down. the gp told me to rinse with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Tastes foul but clear is up quickly. it also has the added advatage of making your teeth nice and white!

Mo2 · 25/05/2004 09:33

Becca - poor you - I had literally 15 mouth ulcers all at the same time in Dec last year when I was under extreme stress.

2nd the recommendation for Adcortyl in Orabase, but I think I got mine on prescription?

The other thing which worked for me is Lysine tablets from Holland & Barrett (or other health food shops) - basically they enhance protein building and help the soft tissue healing more quickly?


lou33 · 25/05/2004 11:59

Orabase is the best imo, nothing else seems to do the trick. It can be bought over the counter.

maomao · 25/05/2004 12:07

I know this sounds strange, but whenever I feel one starting to come on, I try and put an ice cube on it (messy at times, I know). It actually keeps them from getting worse and they go away quickly....

Beccarollover · 25/05/2004 12:13

Im going to go and get some orabase - Ive run out of anbesol! A whole bottle used overnight

OP posts:
sinclair · 25/05/2004 15:59

I am a fellow sufferer but ahead in the winging stakes as eventually bored GP into wangling me a consultation at hossy. Very polite if bemused important medic said constant rinsing - in anything, flat coke, proprietory mouthwash, water, anything, but like 20 times a day, is the only thing that will get rid of them. You have to be diligent but it does work. But wine a perfectly serviceable stopgap IMO

californiagirl · 25/05/2004 19:25

You can get them from an infection or because of allergies (I get them from cinnamon). Here in the US Rembrandt makes a toothpaste that is supposed to reduce them, which does work for me. It's expensive and hard to find though, so I don't use it all the time. But I've gone back to it as the new baby is wearing me down and the ulcers are back.

Bettybloo · 25/05/2004 19:41

Apologies if this is repeating other people's advice - haven't read the whole thread - but I was given a bottle of Corsodyl by a fellow sufferer and it works in about 24 hours. Don't think it's prescription - it's just a mouthwash, says it's for gingivitis but works brilliantly on ulcers too. I get loads - stress and rundownness mainly. HTH

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