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Help, antihistamines

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linzoid · 24/05/2004 09:29

Been giving ds2 Piriton for hayfever every 4-6 hours. He has a very phlegmy sounding chest at the moment which has been a problem before and doc gave him a preventer inhaler for but..just read on the leaflet that one of the side effects of piriton can be thickening of phlegm. So am i helping him or harming him?
I also have some zirtek in the cupboard from last year that i found slightly less effective but wondering if i'd be better giving him this instead ? can anyone give any help to a tired, confused worrying mum?

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linzoid · 24/05/2004 11:37


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gothicmama · 24/05/2004 11:38

do not know can you 'phone a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for advice tehy ar normally fairly helpful

shrub · 24/05/2004 11:46

how old is your ds2? the reason i ask is these might help. i also use an old garden spray filled with water on fine jet and spray everywhere to dampen the pollen. vasaline up nose and eyelashes also helps. i've had hayfever for the last 22 years - tried everything including steriod injections and nothing worked. hope he feels better soon xx

shrub · 24/05/2004 11:51

sorry this i am a beginner

linzoid · 24/05/2004 12:07

thanx, he's 5. would this be too young?

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linzoid · 24/05/2004 12:08

for the thing up your nose i mean

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shrub · 24/05/2004 20:28

hard to say - if you explain that these will help him, try and be really upbeat - put one in yourself or maybe ask if they will send you a sample to see if he gets on with them. i would get the smallest possible - i think they do a junior version with a short septum bridge (otherwise it sort of hangs there!)i really feel for both of you, before i found out about these i use to wear a dust mask in the house and driving the car which really scared my ds1

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