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help - 3 yr old with facial rash...

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StripyMouse · 23/05/2004 09:08

My 3 year old DD has been unwell for about 5 days, slight temp. very lethargic, sleeping loads during day (never has a daytime nap normally) and looking very pale. Chickenpox is in our area so half wondered if she was beginning to get that. Sure enough today she has developed a rash - but I don?t think it is chickenpox - does anyone have any ideas of what it might be. Oddly she seems a bit brighter today. The rash seems only on her face (begun yesterday, very pale pink flattish small spots) today it is very pronounced pink/deep pink spots, def. not red or blistering. I can see no other spots any where other than on the side of her neck, poss. behind ears. She has had a stuffy cold type thing going on as well with a nasty cough - could be related? Does this sound familiar? Do you think I should bother a doctor or NHS direct? Please give me some advice..

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robinw · 23/05/2004 15:51

message withdrawn

gothicmama · 23/05/2004 16:02

Dd had similar following a cold dr thought it was a way of her immune system fighting virus if not eating drinking or v high temp would contact NHS direct

gloworm · 23/05/2004 16:31

just a couple of thoughts to add:
has she had any calpol (ds has often comes out in a rash when he has been talking calpol, and rahes are listed as one of the possible side-effects).
And has it been hot where you live? Last summer loads of babies and young children here had a heat rash on and off throughout the summer.
I guess the best advice at this stage is plenty of fluids.

StripyMouse · 23/05/2004 19:44

well, the rash has fully developed now and there is no denying it - chickenpox

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Penguin2 · 23/05/2004 20:07

Have you heard of slapped cheek syndrome? Also called Fifth Disease. It is a rash that looks just like your child has been slapped across the cheek. Mine had it. It is very mild and nothing to worry about. Could this be it? With chickenpox, the spots are separate as opposed to a rash,IYKWIM. Though, having said that, two of my kids had so many spots with chickenpox it was impossible to say where one ended and the next one started. Hope your dd is feeling better soon.

gloworm · 23/05/2004 20:19

poor you stripymouse hope your dd is feeling better soon. she must be sooo itchy!

StripyMouse · 23/05/2004 20:57

penguin - I did wonder about slapped cheek syndrome. Phoned NHS Direct for advice and this was one they suggested initially too. However, the blisters and crusts are a dead give away now and don?t think there is much room for error. I know chickenpox is one of those things that it is better to catch in childhood but as my youngest is only 6 months I hope that DD1 keeps the bug to herself. I feel awful as she has been in so much contact with loads of other kids when most infectious (2-3 days before), even wnet to a birthday party with about 15 others, despite me knowing she was a bit under the weather. I just thought she needed to catch up on her sleep and was so busy she was over doing it a bit. Oh well, I guess it is no good thinking about the "whatifs" and just have to face the music if/when her friends all start to come down with it.
Thanks for all your thoughts, suggestions and kind words.

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