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Scarlet Fever?

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leander · 16/05/2004 16:57

My ds has just been diagnosed with this and to be honest I dont know anything about it. I am going to do a search on it but I thought I would ask the wise mumsnetters first.Things I would like to know, How do you get it? how long does it last?,does it affect pregnant women? hope you can help.

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LIZS · 16/05/2004 17:09

It is caused by the same virus as strep throat -very common amongst schoolkids and is very contagious. They are infectious for 24-48hrs after starting antibiotics - depending on what you read. ds had it and the redness faded after about 4 days. Don't think it casues any problems in pregnancy.


JJ · 16/05/2004 17:29

My son had it also and it was while I was pregnant with my second. The doctor said it didn't cause any problems whatsoever.

Hope yours is feeling better soon.

leander · 16/05/2004 22:40

Lizs + JJ thanks,I've been reading about it on the net and they all mention the skin peeling, did this happen to your children? My DS is only 2 yrs old and I can't bear the thought of this happening to him.He has the rash all over but it is worse on his groin and back of his legs also his face is very red, It wont scar him will it?

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luckymum · 17/05/2004 08:13

Hi Leander - my ds1 had it - he was 4 or 5 I think. His skin did peel but mainly on the hands and feet and it wasn't sore - more like you peel after sunburn. Hope he's feeling OK

babster · 17/05/2004 08:38

Hi Leander - I had it at university and my skin didn't peel as such (like sunburn) or scar, but I did have a flaky face for a while. Not very attractive but I did get a whole row of seats to myself on a crowded train You may notice that your son tires easily for a few weeks afterwards. I hope he feels better soon.

LIZS · 17/05/2004 10:00

ds had it mainly on his face and he didn't peel as such but skin was dry and flaky. We were skiing that week and I think the moisturising effect of the suncream helped as it was much better within a week or so. No scarring at all.

Hope your ds feels better soon

leander · 18/05/2004 17:01

Thanks for your help and wise words. He is much better today,the redness on his face is fading and the rash is starting to clear up,his mouth and tongue are still a bit sore and blistered and his little willy has gone all flaky but a big improvement all in all.

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