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sun cream and eczema

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arwen · 14/05/2004 20:20

Can anyone recommend sun cream for toddlers that doesn't aggravate eczema?
Also Dr told me to only bath ds twice a week but I need to get the sun cream off at night or his little pores will get so blocked.Any ideas?

OP posts:
Janh · 14/05/2004 20:30

arwen, there have been various threads about this kind of thing before - have a look at some of these , under Products.

If you do an archive search using different combinations of words (sun cream/sensitive/eczema etc) you may find some more. These are good too, under Health. (Probably better in fact!)

Also have a look at Sunsense Low Irritant - an Aussie product, good for highly sensitive skin, not sure about eczema specifically.

gloworm · 14/05/2004 20:30

JASONs Kids sunscreen from any good health store. they are totally natural, no artifical ingredients, suitable for all types of sensitive skin. cant remember but think factor 46. we used it on ds from about 5months.

Janh · 14/05/2004 20:44

arwen, maybe you would be better getting those sunscreen clothes (eg this site ) - then most of him would be covered up and he wouldn't need washing?

bunny2 · 14/05/2004 20:48

I posted on the thread Janh linked to. I still use ROC on ds, it doesnt irritate his skin, most other creams do even those for sensitive skins.

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