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Ellaroo · 12/05/2004 20:07

I wonder if anyone can help? I have a five week old baby that I breastfeed during the day and bottle-feed with Hipp Organic formula at night. He seems well, apart from the fact that he has the most terrible wind (rear end - not burping) and farts for most of the day and night (probably about 30 an hour - sometimes more) each time he grimaces and cries, but then settles back and is otherwise happy - which makes me think it's not colic - we don't have hours of solid crying. I've tried Infacol and gripewater but unfortunately infacol makes him very sick and the gripewater makes him cough up big mucusy bubbles of milk. Could it be the formula I've chosen for him? The reason why I chose Hipp Organic is because it's one of the few that doesn't contain fish oil and we're vegetarian. Has anyone got any ideas/suggestions as to what could be wrong with him or what is causing his wind. My diet has quite a lot of beans and green veg in - but then it has to being vegetarian (I'd be happy to just eat chocolate, but am not sure how good my breast milk would be for him then), but it doesn't seem to have this effect on me! Any ideas?


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