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hip pain

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miggy · 10/05/2004 22:30

Bit of a long shot but anyone know about hip problems. Last year I have had occn probs with right hip. usually fine but just odd day (and always seemed to be period time) would be weird. Fine sitting etc-doesnt ache but odd to weight bear, not screaming pain but crampy sort of feeling you would want to avoid. Last 3 weeks I have been doing loads more exercise and now it is like it all the time. Worse after sitting down, am hobbling around like a 90yr old. I could of course go to the GP, havent been since dd was born 5 yrs ago, but do you think a physio might be better. Anyone else had this?

OP posts:
scubawoman · 11/05/2004 11:41

I know nothing about hip pain - only that I get it! Last year I lost a couple of stone in weight and it disappeared. I have since gone back to a stone over my ideal weight and it is back again. I try not to exert myself, so can't tell you if mine gets worse with exercise
Maybe the doc's would be a good place for you to start.

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