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Immunisation - sorry, but I'm confused

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toddlerbob · 08/05/2004 10:18

As some of you know I live in NZ. Ds is 14 months so the MMR thing raises it's head, but I'm not even up to thinking about that.

Here the schedule is as follows:

6 weeks DTaP - IPV, Hib-HepB
3 months DTaP-IPV, Hib_HepB
5 months DTaP-IPV, HepB
15 months DTaP/Hib, MMR

My questions are: Why do NZ children need one more DTaP than UK children? Why is HepB and Hib spaced out?

I read somewhere on Mumsnet (think it was Jimjams) that 2 years of bfeeding gives Hib immunity. I am still bfing and have no plans to stop anytime before 2 really. So could I consider not having this DTaP/Hib?

Obviously as most of you live in the UK I don't expect you to know, but a few educated guesses would really help me.

Thanks in advance.

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AussieSim · 08/05/2004 10:36

Hi toddlerbob - I am at the same stage re MMR with DS being 15mo. I hope you don't mind me jumping in here too. I am also still BFing although have recently just dropped to once a day, so would be interested on the thing you mention about Hib immunity if Jimjams or someone else will clarify.

My doctor said she doesn't want to give him the MMR till his superinfected eczema on his fingers have cleared up. Can it ever be too late for the shot? Does this seem over cautious?

Here in Germany there is no other option than MMR, and I am going home to Oz at the end of June and wondering if I could delay the shots until I get home and hopefully I can get them seperately or whatever.

What do you guys think?

toddlerbob · 08/05/2004 10:41

I've not heard of anyone in NZ getting singles, I don't know if it's more common in Oz.

My ds also has eczema which we have just got under control. He is allergic to eggs, which the official line is not a problem. He's also been allergic to a couple of antibiotics (violent vomiting and rashes) so the neomycin (is that right?) component worries me. That's why I can't really sort out the MMR until I have worried about the DTaP/Hib thing a little more.

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Jimjams · 08/05/2004 19:11

Well an extra DTaP probably gives more antibodies and therefore better immunity. Your DTaPs are more spaced out than ours which is good and DTaP doesn't contain thimerosil, both of which are good things- but Hep B does (at least some brands do I don't know if thimerosil free ones are available- HepB isn;t given in the UK).

Hib - they are still playing around with here. Hib is more common in children who attend daycare from a young age. It is unclear whether this is because of being in daycare where children are not toilet trained, or whether it is because the children in day care are less likely to be breast fed. Certainly breast fed children are less likely to get hib and I did read that 2 years of bfeeding gives 10 years of protection (although that's a bit odd as hib is very rare after the age of 5 anyway). If you were in the UK now you would be having a hib booster but not the dtap booster until age 4. Countries are always fiddling around with these things though- and the fact that they are all different shows how its not really an exact science. You don't have to give any boosters (are vax compulsary in NZ- I'm guessing not)- but it depends how worried you are about immunity really. You could always try and organise a blood test to check antibody titres if you want to guarantee (as much as you can) immunity - but only if necessary iyswim.

toddlerbob · 08/05/2004 22:24

Thanks Jimjams. I didn't realise the HepB contained mercury - but it's done now!

DH and I have decided that we will do the last DTaP/Hib, but we will leave the MMR. Vaccinations are not compulsary here, but all the mums I know do them. Most aren't aware of any controversy.

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