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Sore testicles in a 3 yr old - what is it?

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Janstar · 07/05/2004 08:58

My 3 yr old ds has a bad cold on his chest, yesterday he had a fever of 104 at one point and I rushed him to the doctor who said his tonsils were inflamed, his chest infected and his glands in his neck were swollen.

He's on antibiotics, Calpol and junior Nurofen now and is massively better, but this morning he complained that his testicles are sore. There is no visible sign of anything wrong but it hurt him when I touched them to check for swelling. They didn't feel swollen. Could this soreness be linked to the other symptoms? Do the testicles get sore and tender in the same way the glands in his neck do?

My other children are girls so this is all new to me!

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Janstar · 07/05/2004 09:49


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Easy · 07/05/2004 11:01

According to dh, this is probably just cos all his glands are swollen, including the ones 'down there', and once the antibiotics kick in it should clear up. I'd telephone the dr. to ask tho' if it was my ds.

Janstar · 07/05/2004 14:57

Thank you easy. I suspected as much. I didn't want to phone the poor long-suffering doctor as I see so much of him with one child or another I have been threatening to go and live in the surgery.

Ds is fine I think. He's playing and eating loads of food, definitely on the mend!

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Easy · 08/05/2004 11:52

Is he any better today Janstar?

moosh · 08/05/2004 15:30

Just thought I'd add that his testicles are probably hurting because it could be his lymphnodes working to fight the infection. When we get ill, it triggers our lymphnodes to fight the infection harder, we have them all over our body. e.g. if you have a bad cold, it can trigger lymphnodes under the arm to work harder and it is painful to the touch. My friend was ill the other week and the lymphnodes in her head started to pain her, she didn't know this, went to the docs and he said the same as me. Hope he is well Biology lesson over

Janstar · 08/05/2004 16:19

Thank you. He is much better - masquerading as a normal healthy boy! Yesterday he bit all the buttons off his pyjamas and spread a thin layer of lucozade all over the parquet living-room floor. So much for being ill

He says his winkle feels better now anyway.

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