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carla · 06/05/2004 21:23

...from my knees for god's sake. Over the last two weeks .. and it's getting louder (and more painful). Any ideas, anyone?

OP posts:
Easy · 06/05/2004 21:27

Cod liver oil, taken daily over the next 2 or 3 weeks to see if it lubricates your joints. Don't eat lettuce, it is known to aggravate arthritic pain.

If it's a suddrn and painful onset, see your doctor NOW

carla · 06/05/2004 21:40

Easy, why NOW? I've had a hard-to-swallow thing in my throght, plus back/shoulder pain for about 3 weeks now. Do you think it's something spooky?

OP posts:
Easy · 08/05/2004 12:01

Only because any sudden change needs to be looked at fairly quickly, whereas a gradual change in joints is usually just down to routine wear and tear. Don't panic, but do ask your dr.

gloworm · 08/05/2004 12:28

carla, also recommend cod liver oil or fish oil, and glucosamine sulphate, ask about it in a good health store with experienced staff.

eddm · 08/05/2004 12:48

Glucosamine is good if you have osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) but you need to check this out with your GP.

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