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Yipee!-an easier alternative to sterilisation

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juniper68 · 29/04/2004 14:13

I've just read that there's an alternative to female sterilisation called essure that's done at some GPs (more in the future) and you're home in an hour
I've waited 4 years for DH to get 'done' but he keeps saying he will and hasn't yet so this sounds ideal for me. It isn't reversible but I'm positive I don't want any more kids.

OP posts:
Easy · 29/04/2004 14:15

Called essure eh? Hope Michael Winner doesn't have to do it

juniper68 · 29/04/2004 14:21

Blimey no, imagine him poppin up when you're in the stirrups

The article's in Best magazine

OP posts:
LadyMuck · 29/04/2004 14:43

I'd read the small print first! Yes, the recovery time is less as it is under local anaesthetic, though some women need more than that. But sterilisation is also day surgery at most places now unless you have complications of some kind. No scars, but that is because of the route they have chosen to get to your tubes (think about it!). But significantly high rate of "failure" to insert it - 8% not being inserted at all, and another 3% not blocking effectively.

Presumably it will get better in time, but I'm not crazy about the success rate.

twiglett · 29/04/2004 17:14

message withdrawn

lou33 · 29/04/2004 19:03

I was sterilised 2 1/2 years ago, and it was done under general, but day surgery. I was completely back to normal after 2 days. V liberating.

noddy5 · 29/04/2004 19:06

I have been thinking about this recently.What does sterilisation involve?

lou33 · 29/04/2004 19:31

It was done under a general. They did it with 3 small cuts, tiny scars, by laparoscopy I think.. Clipped my fallopian tubes and it was all done really quickly. I went home late afternoon, took it easy that night and the next day, then I was fine. I haven't regretted it for a second, but then I think 4 kids is plenty for me!

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