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is a 19month old still being sick normal?

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misdee · 27/04/2004 20:36

in my mind it isnt. but dd2 is still sick on average 8times a month. without being ill with anything else. she still has soft poos as well. she was referred to the hospital last year about it, but as it wasnt consistant enough, and they couldnt find a link with food allergy/intolerences so they signed us off and left us to cope. I am fed up with dealing with sick covered floors,cars, clothes. we are also still waiting forer referral to the hospital about her walking (was sent back in jan and still nothing has come thro). I have been given no indication about what might be causing these sicky periods, so am clueless.

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maisystar · 27/04/2004 20:54

hi misdee, has she always been sick like this ?

misdee · 27/04/2004 20:59

she has always had spates of being sick since birth. i was told when she starts sitting up it will stop. it didnt. when she starts walking and being upright more it will stop, but nope it hasnt. (has been walking since 10months, but is wobbly).

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maisystar · 27/04/2004 21:06

i would probably follow your instinct. if you feel the hospital/doctor isnt listening to you then ring them regularly 'just ringing to see if youve got an appointment for xxx yet'. once when i had a concern about ds and felt it wasnt being taken seriously i insisted that they write in his notes how i felt ie not being listened to and they did become more helpful.......!


Evita · 27/04/2004 21:34

misdee, when you say 'being sick' do you mean regurgitating a bit of food like they do when they're very little, or actually full-on vomiting of large amounts of food? If the latter then you should definitely see a GP with some urgency as there may be an allergy and you wouldn't want your dd's nutrition to suffer. If the former then could it be that she still has an immature sphincter muscle (the one at the bottom of the oesophagus / stomach opening)? This is what causes it early on. I don't have any real information about this but it might be worth looking into?

Evita · 27/04/2004 21:35

By the way, about the nappies, my dd of 18 months regularly has quite 'loose' stools too. They are rarely solid.

misdee · 28/04/2004 08:02

she will throw up the whole contects of her stomache. we were referred to the hospital in nov (i think) and the doc there said it was unlikely to be an allergy as its wasnt consistant enough. I just feel like the docs/hv arent taking me seriously about this. I am looking at buying washable covers for me car seats as she has been sick in there twice in the last fortnight, once when we were out, once just at home doing nothing. so 4 times so far in a fortnight. she isnt running a temp or anything, is eating and drinking normally for her. I have taken her to the gp so many times about this and each time am told its nothing to worry about and she will grow out of it. as she is a hefty kid, and isnt losing weight they say it isnt something serious. but if its food or some other 'allergy' or problem then i want to find out what it is so we help her stop being sick.

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