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Trichotilomania - any knowledge/experience of this?

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sandyballs · 27/04/2004 16:15

I may not have spelt this correctly but it is basically the term used for pulling out your own hair. A good friend of mine has confided that this is what she is doing - she has three children under 4 and is feeling extremely stressed and tired and she says she has developed this habit of finding a strand of hair, playing with it and actually pulling it out. What started as a silly habit has become a serious problem and she is getting very thin patches on her scalp which obviously makes her even more stressed and upset, vicious circle.

I don't know what to suggest - only her GP but what would he do?

Any experience of this out there you wise Mumsnetters. You were my first thought when I heard she needed help!

OP posts:
Sparks · 27/04/2004 16:39

I don't have any experience of this myself, but have a look at this site.

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