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Non stop bleeding? Is hysterectomy the only ans?

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charlieplus3 · 25/04/2004 12:21

DS is 7 months now i i have hardly had a free day since his birth. It was my third.I have been prescribed tablets to stop the bleeding but as soon as the course finishes i start again.

Apart from the cost in bloody sanitry stuff it is also very draining.

I say i dont want anymore children but i dont want the choice taken away from me as i still get broody so no 4 is a possibility, if Doc allows me another ceasearan.

P.s Dont think i spelt hysterectomy right

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 25/04/2004 12:59

HI Charlieplus3 a hysterectomy sounds a little radical what about a D&C otherwise know as a scrape. Basically it just clears everything out. Has your doctor checked you and done a scan?

charlieplus3 · 25/04/2004 13:03

Done that and had tests for infection. Havnt had a scan. I have no pain at all so hes ruling out cysts etc. He did say hysterectomy is worst case senario but thats what has stuck in my mind. At the moment gonna sto the bleeding again with tablets and then see wha happens.

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 25/04/2004 14:00

Is this a gynae consultant? Maybe you should ask for a second opinion. Everyone is entitled to one on the NHS.

Nutcracker · 25/04/2004 14:01

Charlie - Unless you are told that a hysterectomy is the only thing you can do, then i wouldn't even consider it. If you are not totally sure about not wanting any more kids then it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

Hope you get it sorted soon

charlieplus3 · 25/04/2004 14:05

No just the Doc who specialised in Peads actually. He will refer me, but im scared now. My mum had a hysterectomy after her 3rd but she didnt have ceasers with us. Im sure there must be loads more tests and stuff that i can have before they would resort to this.(she says hopefully)

I should have asked more questions, but its always when you get home that your mind starts questioning everything, well it does with me anyway.

OP posts:
charlieplus3 · 25/04/2004 14:11

When i had my 6 week check the doc commented on how my surgeon hadnt been very neat with his cut especially as he already had a scar to go through(its very wonky, my new scar). My surgeon was late for the op, the midwife had to go search for him and he wasnt in the best of moods.

Do you think he could have been careless within the op to have caused a problem. I dunno maybe not repaired inside properly or am i being a bit paranoid now.

OP posts:
robinw · 25/04/2004 15:22

message withdrawn

glitterfairy · 25/04/2004 17:09

Agree with robinw, see a gynae consultant and take in postcards (great idea). The problem with other specialists is that they are only specialists in one field and you need to see the one for you who can give you as much information and choice as possible.

charlieplus3 · 25/04/2004 19:14

Thankyou gf and robin. I will ead up on that and try and get into Docs this week which isnt usually a prob.

I have tried the coil but if anything was worse. I have come off pill too to see if helps but no change.

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 25/04/2004 20:08

Good luck charlieplus3 and let me know how it goes! Be firm and take those postcards. You are entitled to excellent care and to good advice from docs and others.

hovely · 25/04/2004 20:31

is it possibly fibroids? this can cause incessant bleeding. one remedy is myomectomy, ie operation to cut them away. i had it then 2 children afterwards, and no more heavy bleeding. definitely see a specialist. Good luck.

charlieplus3 · 27/04/2004 16:56

Thanks evryone, i got a referral today and going for a scan. Hooray! may take 6 weeks though

OP posts:
kiwisbird · 27/04/2004 16:59

Have you had a blood test for your hormone levels?
I had repeated bleeding after my daughters birth 19 mths ago and it is worth getting checked as for some reason my oestregen levels were really wrong!
It did settle itself, I did have to change my diet, but it ruled out surgery...
Worth asking for?

lou33 · 27/04/2004 18:15

that's good charlie

sinclair · 28/04/2004 12:20

Poor old you, I was in this situ, not quite as bad as you CP3, bleeding 2 weeks a month but extremely heavily, thought it was fibroids, but fab gynae bloke suggested the Mirena coil, has progesterone in it, and basically stops the bleeding (altogether which is weird but another story). Something to think about - I think there is a not very old thread on here on Mirena too. Good luck with what ever you decide.

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