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teething nightmare

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littleweed · 23/04/2004 08:15

has anyone got any bright ideas for relieving the misery of teething? bonjela doesn't seem to be having any effect - and neither does Calpol. it doesn't seem to bother him in the day - i could cope with that - its more at 2 am (and again today at 6 - hurray!)
littleweed(complete with suitcases under her eyes)

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Evita · 23/04/2004 14:27

How old is he littleweed? (Like your name by the way!) I never found bonjela to work but a mix of calpol and baby neurofen seemed to do the trick. Are you sure it's teething if it's not bothering him in the day? My dd never woke in the night from teething problems even with the horrible molars that clearly drove her nuts as she chewed her fingers all day long. Are there other teething signs like funny nappies etc.?

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