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PND question..............

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emmatmg · 19/04/2004 18:45

Can anyone tell me if the symptons of PND are like REALLY REALLY bad PMS symptons?

I didn't have any thing at all like this with DS1+2 but I feel so rubbish at the moment. I know my AF is due and I do get PMS but nothing like the way I feel at the moment.

Any advice much appreicated.

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emmatmg · 19/04/2004 19:05


I am becoming more and more invisible I think. In RL and here.

Sorry feeling pathetically sorry for myself

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Heathcliffscathy · 19/04/2004 19:10

i don't have much in the way of advice but want you to know you're not invisible...i can see you

pnd is different for everyone i think, much like depression that isn't brought on after having a child is different for everyone.

suedonim · 19/04/2004 20:55

I used to get horrendous PMS when I had pnd, Emmatmg. It was difficult to distinguish between the two at times, they kind of ran into each other and caused difficulty with being diagnosed with pnd. Have you seen a doctor at all?

emmatmg · 19/04/2004 20:56

No, not yet.

Going to try and get an appointment tomorrow

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emmatmg · 19/04/2004 21:07

Just did the test that HV's use and score 16 which indicates that I have got PND.

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