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Prozac/fluoxitine and pregnant

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kbaby · 18/04/2004 19:41

Would someone be able to offer me some advice please. Ive been perscribed prozac to take as I'm very depressed and anxious. Im also pregnant. The doctors called it antenatal depression and advised that antidepressants would be beneficial during and after pregnancy. Im just scared of any effect that they may have on the baby and if they will cause any birth defects.
Does anyone have any experience of this or know any research thats been done.

OP posts:
grumpyzebra · 18/04/2004 20:04

This seems to give fluoxetine a decent all-clear during pregnancy, but says to try to avoid during breastfeeding, interestly enough. There's a lot to read here about general anti-D usage and pregnancy, and specifically also says that fluoxetine is probably ok, too. HTH.

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