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Could this be PND?

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emmatmg · 18/04/2004 17:06

DS3 is almost 7 months old and I just feel awful.
Everything is a horrible chore, I shout and scream at DH, DS1+2 for no real reason. Everything irritates me.
I can't remember when I was last really happy and not just acting happy IYSWIM. I always feel like I'm struggling against everything to get a result.
DS3 is an absolute darling and I adore him more that words can say but he is the only thing that makes me feel even remotely happy.

I didn't have any feeling like this after DS1 or 2 so I'm not sure if all this is just the way life is with 3 kiddies under 5.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Sorry for such a miserable post.

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tillymint · 23/04/2004 18:46

...looks like there may also be a correllation with bad spelling/typing!

emmatmg · 23/04/2004 19:52

The HV came the other day and we had a loooooong chat and she confirmed what we already knew, that it was PND. The test thingy she did was slightly differnet and I scored slightly less than the one WWW post a link too but all the same it was still over the 'boarderline mark'.

I asked her how it would get better if I didn't take Ad's and TBH I'm not really sure if she answered or not. She mentioned talking to people about it but I think thats about all, the question sort of got brushed aside. I do feel better for having spoken about it and it being confirmed although I can still feel it lingering, more like a grey cloud over me rather than black as it was last week. Still not good but better.

I thank god for Mumsnet as without it I very much doubt I would have realised it was PND. Without the knowledge I've got from here I probably would have gone alot deeper into depression before someone else pointed it out to me.

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