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Itching/scratching of boys 'bits'!

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Crinks · 28/03/2002 12:33

I have an 18 mth son. For a few months now he's been scratching, tugging and generally pulling around his 'bits' when he can get to them .. to the point they are red raw, and he still won't stop!! He also scratches his legs and back of head a lot. GP thinks he has sensitive skin and possibly Thrush on his 'balls' - she suggested I leave them out of the nappy more to air, but of course if I do that he ends up scratching and pulling even more! Was interested to hear of anyone else who's come across this. Thanks

OP posts:
JJ · 28/03/2002 22:10

My son had something like that, but on his penis. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic cream and it went away. She also told me to get some Canesten cream (the kind women use for thrush) so that if it came back again, I could treat it with that first, then see if it needed the antibiotic cream again. She said it might be necessary to go back and forth a few times with them both-- you can't use them at the same time. The thrush makes the penis itch and then when he scratches it, it gets infected. Her idea is to treat the infection first, then the thrush.

Hope it gets better soon!

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