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6 month old with diahorrea should i feed solids?

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GreySquirrel · 05/04/2004 12:17

We have all had a stomach bug, not too serious but my dd2 had diahorrea and sickness for about 24 hrs then seemed much better, then i started to give solids and diahorrea has come back. She is otherwise fine, maybe a bit of tummy pain as she is a bit irritable. But she also has her first tooth coming through so not sure if that is upsetting her too. Just wondered what others thought about whether to feed her solids or not. She is breastfeeding (but starting to bite with her new tooth

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dinosaur · 05/04/2004 12:19

Ooh, I remember never being sure about this one (and reading lots of contradictory advice).

Is she well-established on solids? If she is, and she seems hungry, then I would give her solids, but obviously something quite plain like baby rice.

If she is only just starting solids, might be better to leave it a day or two and just breastfeed her.

Sympathy about the biting, my DS2 used to do that - yelp!

fisil · 05/04/2004 12:21

agree with dinosaur.

Can remember how this felt - ds had diahorrea for about 3 weeks when he was 6 1/2 months. We kept on feeding him - but he was well established on solids.

SoupDragon · 05/04/2004 12:22

I'd be tempted to just breastfeed her for 24 hours and then start with plain solids (not meat or dairy).

I remmber being bitten a few time - eeek! You have my sypmathy too.

prettycandles · 05/04/2004 14:16

When my dd had gastroenteritis at about 9m I cut out all solids for about 48h, just breastfed her as often as she wanted (very weird to see her poo turn back into newborn poo) and gave her cooled boiled water to drink. When I started reintroducing solids she clearly didn't want anything, so in the end she probably went without solids for 3-4 days. My HV suggested starting her off on Rice Krispies, because they are bland (rice!) and well-fortified with vitamins and minerals that she might have lost through the illness.

GreySquirrel · 05/04/2004 16:03

soory didn't realise it posted twice just reading this thread!

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GreySquirrel · 05/04/2004 16:09

she has been having solids since four months and usually eats very well, three meals a day, so yes well established with solids. I have been giving her some cool boiled water which she takes a little of, but plenty of breastfeeding too. When i fed her solids yesterday she didn't eat as well as she usually does but seemed hungry, so feel bad giving her nothing, but don't want to aggrevate the diahorrea... i think on balance i will just try to give her system 24 hour break from solids then start again with some solids. If i make up baby cereal i usually use formula milk (will this cause intolerance like normal cows milk in older children?), should i make with breastmilk instead (i find it hard to express enough easily)?

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prettycandles · 06/04/2004 12:08

Yes, use breastmilk if you can, else water. Not having as much milk as usual for a few days won't do her any harm, but having non-human milk when her gut is already irritated can trigger an intolerance to milk (it has happened to me). For that reason avoid all dairy products if possible, and when you reintroduce them start with yogurt as it's usually the best tolerated.

musica · 06/04/2004 12:26

Definitely use breast milk, and I think 'clear' foods such as banana are good as they don't irritate the stomach/bowel. Hope she's better soon.

bundle · 06/04/2004 12:29

our gp said that it's ok to give solids if the child hasn't vomited for 6 hrs, though it make take longer to 'clear' the bug.

GeorginaA · 06/04/2004 13:12

I've been told the BRAT diet is best after 24hrs of just liquids (breastfeeding or water - breastfeeding obviously better due to your antibodies). BRAT standing for: Bananas, Rice (plain boiled), Apples and Toast (dry white). Once you've gone a further 24hrs without vomiting or diahorrea you can start adding in other bland foods until they're all better and eating normally.

GreySquirrel · 06/04/2004 21:48

Thanks for all the good suggestions, i did end up taking her to the doctor today as she has still got diahorrea and found flecks of blood in her nappy (in a weird jelly like stuff). Anyway doctor thinks she is fine but we've to watch out for more, and said i should start feeding her solids as not good to leave her on just milk for too long at her age. She is being a bit fussy (i feel like that when im ill too) so not really interested in the bland stuff, has had some fruit/veg purees and fromage frais.

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