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Could this be an ear infection?

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SenoraPostrophe · 02/04/2004 11:43

I'm now absolutely paranoid about dd getting another ear infection (she was in hospital for 2 weeks in Jan with mastoiditis).

She was a bit off-colour yesterday and yesterday afternoon had a temp of about 38. Her temp was normal this morning though and she seems fine today. Do you think I should take her to the docs anyway? (I ask as you have to go at 2 for an emergency appt, which is her nap time, plus it's horrible out and ds has a cold too so would rather keep them both at home).

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Helsbels · 02/04/2004 11:54

how old is she? DS had lots of ear infections until I finally insisted on grommits being fitted (he has not had one since, thank goodness) All his were accompanied by listlessness, clingyness and general grumps. We missed a couple until the absesses burst (not ideal) but a couple of times I thought it was an infection and as you say you get a bit paranoid about it - and it turned out to be teething or a bit of a sniffle or just 'one of those things' - If there are no symptons today - I'd be tempted to leave it - if however, you have any doubt take her and have it checked - it only takes a minute. Good luck - it's a horrible situation and I really feel for you {{}}

SenoraPostrophe · 02/04/2004 12:22

Thanks helsbels - she's nearly 2. I wisj it did only take a minute! She's not really listless today though - just not quite herself. Did your DS always have a temp?

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Helsbels · 02/04/2004 12:27

yes he always felt warm and sometimes clammy - I know it doesn't take a minute - just wishful thinking!! Have you tried Calpol etc? That's what they always recommended to me. It makes you feel sick thinking that you have missed it and they may be in pain, doesn't it? If she has no symptons though, perhaps it was just a little upset

LIZS · 02/04/2004 14:20

Difficult to say. tbh until they can actuially tell you where the pain is and how bad I'd take the cautious approach. With ds if he complains of earache and is obviously unwell, subdued with a temperature, we go for an anti inflammatory painkiller - Nurofen type, except here it is Voltaren/Voltarol - and a couple of doses has often proved enough to shake it off. With dd who is just over 2.5 I'd be more inclined to get a dr opinion as I suspect it would have to be really bad for her to complain specifically.


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