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On "GMTV/This Morning"....this morning (Wednesday 24/03)...

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butterflymum · 24/03/2004 10:52 item about Group B Strep.

For those interested but who may not be able to watch, here is a link to the 'This Morning' website which also carries an article about Strep B:

Group B Strep Article on 'This Morning'


OP posts:
butterflymum · 24/03/2004 11:07

Just checked on the TV, should be on around 11.45am.

Item being discussed by Dr Chris Steele and a family affected by GBS. He will also talk about the reliable test which is available privately (and which GBSS are pushing to have the Government make available on the NHS).

OP posts:
butterflymum · 24/03/2004 11:37

On soon....sorry to keep reminding but I feel strongly about the subject....

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bunny2 · 24/03/2004 20:08

just seen your posts, unfortunately didnt see This Morning, was it interesting?

butterflymum · 24/03/2004 21:20

Hello bunny2, thank you for your interest. I remember you from the original Strep B thread.

The interview on GMTV came across very well. The presenters, doctor and the mum who lost a baby packed as much info into the slot as possible. The doctor even showed the swabs used for (and explained the method of taking) the privately available test.

The 'This Morning' link on the first post gives details of the interview.

Out of interest, did you manage to have a look at the new Strep B campaign I have highlighted on the continuation Strep B can read about it here ? Unfortunately the Government are still dragging their heels over NHS testing being extended/improved and more routine info being given at ante-natal clinics..


OP posts:
Demented · 24/03/2004 21:26

Missed this too unfortunately, wanted to see it, meant to video, will have a look at the link. Thanks Butterfly.

bunny2 · 25/03/2004 19:50

Butterfly, thanks for the link, I am pregnant so the importance of the correct treatment is at the top of my agenda.

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