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itchy palms - could it be antibiotics?

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bobthebaby · 20/03/2004 07:17

I had a sinus operation on Tuesday, and by Thursday has a temperature and really sore throat. Doc gave me AB's in case it was an infection and some Voltaren to try and get that dangly bit in my throat to reduce a bit (it was making me gag all the time).

Today I have itchy palms with little bumps if you look closely. It is just starting to come up on my feet too. Any ideas?

OP posts:
robinw · 20/03/2004 09:00

message withdrawn

bobthebaby · 20/03/2004 18:58

We don't have piriton here. I have my son's zyrtec and some phenergan here - would they do?

OP posts:
bobthebaby · 21/03/2004 00:59

Remembered that one previous time I took Cefaclor the doctor told me that some penicillin allergic people are also allergic to it. Of course you only get the reaction the second time don't you? Bugger, once you take out the ones I am allergic to and the ones you can't breastfeed with there is nothing left!

OP posts:
robinw · 21/03/2004 07:32

message withdrawn

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