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antidepressant withdrawal

3 replies

scruff · 18/03/2004 12:54

Has anyone experienced any irrational fears whilst coming off antidepressants. Very worried about current thoughts and anxious

OP posts:
susanmt · 18/03/2004 14:56

What are you coming off? This is quite common coming off prozac and seroxat. It could also be that you are cutting down the dose too fast or coming off too soon - this happened to me when I wasn't ready to come off mine a couple of years ago.
Hope you feel better soon and manage to get to the bottom of it,

scruff · 18/03/2004 19:29

I am coming off prothiaden which is a tricyclic I have to cut down fast as not good during preg
down to 25mg every other day from 125mg about a month ago would you still suffer from withdrawal at this small dose? Thanks scruff!

OP posts:
kizzie · 19/03/2004 10:59

Hello scruff - Im in the middle of going through a very very difficult withdrawal from seroxat. Sorry I dont know as much about tricyclics but just wanted to say hope you're feeling a bit better soon. make sure you see your midwife/dr if things dont improve soon.
Good Luck and keep in touch.

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