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Sudden onset of really really bad wind!

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Joshjunior · 12/03/2004 22:09

ds now 17 weeks has developed really bad wind over the past week. This has affected his feeding and as he has had feeding difficulties since birth, dh and I are very concerned. (Intolerant of breast / cows milk).He is fed on Neocate so it can't be a dairy problem. We can't think what could have started this off. My dear mum came down today and spent two hours winding him during which time he burped continuously. He is obviously hungry but screams and pushes the bottle away. Sometimes, he starts eating and then screams . Other times he will take 160mls without a problem! He does appear to be better when he is 'dream fed'. I've trawled the posts and will try Infacol etc. to see if this helps. Any other suggestions gratefully accepted. BTW in all other ways he is fine, plays, sleeps well etc.

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Joshjunior · 14/03/2004 15:29

Please anyone, is it normal to get this at this age? Any suggestions to what I can do when he is chewing his fingers to the bone because he is so hungry but can't take more than a couple of mouthfulls without screaming. I can hear his stomach gurgling as he drinks.

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WideWebWitch · 14/03/2004 16:09

Joshjunior, a GP recommended Dentinox to me over Infacol. Other than that, sorry, no advice except I'm sure he will grow out of it. 2 hours though? That's very windy! I have a windy one too but she's not quite that bad. Hope someone else can help.

Joshjunior · 14/03/2004 20:43

Thanks www I'll see if I can get hold of any tomorrow. Will also be phoning Health Visitor.

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twiglett · 14/03/2004 21:18

message withdrawn

Joshjunior · 20/03/2004 18:39

OK -so we've tried just about everything and no help. HV says no to tummy bug as it's now gone on 2 weeks and he is well in himself. Still wanting food 9 - 10x a day but will only take 20 - 80mls at a time. Spoke to the dietician she said to try a bit of baby rice and see if this helped. Have tried x2 so far - ds appears more intersted in his toes than anything else. Is it normal for 18 week old babies to go off their food and change their feeding pattern in this way? There was I hoping to get him down to 5 feeds a day not up to 10! Today really at the end of my tether with him. Admit I burst into tears when after 4 hrs he would then only take 70mls. Surely he must be hungry? Any advice before I put him up for adoption(only kidding but was close to it at 4pm this afternoon).

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zippy539 · 20/03/2004 19:30

Eeek - that sounds really frustrating. Could he be teething? I know it doesn't account for the wind but when dd was getting her first teeth she kept pulling off the bottle and screaming even though she was starving - I think it's something to do with the suction building up and causing pain. If not and it seems like he is in real pain, I'd get him checked by the doc just to put your mind at rest. Hope it resolves itself soon!

Joshjunior · 20/03/2004 22:14

Thanks zippy - I suppose it is a possibility, he tends to spend most of the day with his fists shoved down near his tonsils! Any good tips for telling when a tooth is on its way? As you can probably tell, I'm rather new to all this (and I probably sound a complete dunce). I must admit I have lost confidence in interpreting him at the moment.

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zippy539 · 20/03/2004 23:08

Actually, I'm always the last one to cotton on to teething - DH always susses it out before me. Look out for red blotchy cheeks, dribbling, hand chewing, hot gums - but all of those can go on for weeks and weeks (and in fits and starts) before any tooth appears.

I'll probably get shot down for suggesting this but if you want to test the teething theory you could wait until he's pulling off the bottle/screaming etc then rub a little bit of teething gel (Calgel or something like that) on to his top and bottom gums where the first four teeth will be - it works pretty instantly so if he starts sucking away happily that could be your problem! Let me know the result! Hope you get it sorted out quickly.

Joshjunior · 21/03/2004 21:17

Ooh - red cheeks eh! Went to Grandma's today and the first thing she said on looking at him was - my what red cheeks you have - are you teething my young man! Seeing his consultant tomorrow so unless she comes up with any other suggestions the teething seems high on the suspect list!

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juniper68 · 22/03/2004 19:36

yes it does sound like teething to me too. If he's crying more that could take the air in and cause wind. An ice cube in teatowel helps sooth the gums. chamomilla is a good homeopathic treatment too, crushed.
keep us posted hun and hope he gets better soon xx

aloha · 22/03/2004 20:50

My ds's first actual tooth was spotted by an old lady at the checkout at Superdrug! So don't feel bad about no seeing the signs. Teething does put babies off their food. Try Calpol for pain if you can give it and see if it makes a difference. Good luck.

Joshjunior · 29/03/2004 21:48

Well, what a week. have just come out of hospital having spent nearly a week there (the third time in his 19 week life!) Ended uptaking so little that he was admitted from clinic. ? what the problem was in the end, but possible it was relatd to his feed (neocate). Has now been trialed on cow;s milk formula again - so far 5 days and no vomiting so fingers crossed. Still think he may have a tooth coming though!

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