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Amnio test age????

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angelpoppet · 11/03/2004 11:24

My friend has just discovered she is pregnant and worried about her age.

Does anyone know at what age they recommend women have an amnio test? My friend is 34.


OP posts:
Freckle · 11/03/2004 12:00

Amnio and other similar tests are routinely offered to new mums over 35 (does vary from HA to HA). If your friend in particularly worried, she can request a test, but she may have to pay for it. How many weeks pregnant is she? Why would she want an amnio? If she is concerned about genetic abnormalities, there are other, non-invasive tests available which might be preferable, given the risk of miscarriage with invasive tests.

bundle · 11/03/2004 12:20

I would suggest an amnio is worth considering if you have a nuchal fold measurement that is considerably higher than expected for your age (plus blood tests if you have had them) but ONLY worth doing it if you know you would act upon the information (ie would consider a termination if the result was a bad one). i've had them with both of my pregnancies and the risk of miscarriage IMO means that it's not just worth having one just because you're in your 30's. hth

stace · 13/03/2004 09:38

I had my first child at 34 , 4 years ago and was told that they dont routinely recommend amnio until over 35 unless other tests are a bit iffy now pregnant again aged 38 and they told me the same thing but age 40 so as bundle says go for the nuchal if thats what her hospital now advise if not if she is in or around London there are a few specialist places that your friend could have the tests carried out for a price. 4.5 Years ago it cost me about £100.00 But nuchal fold testing needs to be done at 12 weeks but there are other less intrusive screenings and testing than amnio. Does your friend have any family history to worry about or is she just being normally cautious?

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