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STILL coughing

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Angeliz · 10/03/2004 11:25

Hello everyone

My dd,(3), is still coughing and it seems to have been going on for months now! She has been to the Docs twice and no infections or signs of Asthma!
I was wondering about getting a 'humidifier',(is that the one?). Someone said that there's a good one in argos.
Any advice or suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance for any replies+

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Angeliz · 10/03/2004 11:51

just bumping it up as i really wanted a few opinions before i buy one


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Evita · 10/03/2004 11:53

Sorry Angeliz, don't know anything about humidifiers, but my dd has been coughing for what seems like forever too. Seems to be mostly at night when lying down but also a bit in the day. Does your dd's cough follow on from a bad chest infection?

Angeliz · 10/03/2004 11:55

No, she had a cough and cold and the cough has just lingered. Just when i think it's dissapearing, it comes back with a vengence!!

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Angeliz · 10/03/2004 11:56

I think it must something going round Evita as her two cousins,(Aged 1 + 2), have been coughing so long too!

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bettys · 10/03/2004 13:05

There is a persistent cough doing the rounds at the moment. My ds (4) has had it two or three times, but it goes very quickly if I put the steamer on in his bedroom at night & dose him with Veno's. Mine cost £20 & came from the local chemist (I can't remember the make) Definitely worth getting one.

Grommit · 10/03/2004 13:08

Angeliz - I bought a humidifier when dd was a baby as she had a persistent cough - really helped - I would strongly recommend

Angeliz · 10/03/2004 13:22

Thanks everyone,
I never thought about a Chemist! I was a bit worried about how safe they are,(i assume they have boiling water in), but am heartened to see they work
I would try anything at the moment to help dd!

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Chandra · 10/03/2004 21:23

Just a little product review incase you have not buyed it yet, we got a Bionnaire cold mist humidifier (it appears to be the only one in the market with cold mist in this country), it was good, a bit noisy but dear, we left it off for a day and the filter (made out of paper) started growing mould, I removed the mould washed well the filter and cleaned everything through (as suggested by the instructions, once a week) and within a week... more mould, at the end, the filter was so mouldy that we stoped using it until we got a replacement and guess what? Bionnaire doesn't sell those replacements in the UK, I wrote to them and they sent me an e-mail with some contact number of another company who could provide them and... the other company have never heard of the humidifier model I got, a total waste of money, we could only use it for about a month.

I found a cold/warm mist humidifier at e-bay, the brand is ETA which I believe is German, and it has been such a difference, it is very easy to clean, doesn't have parts that can grow mould and has a little hot plate that sterilises the water before it is released as mist and it's so silent! we have been using it continuosly for 3 months without a single problem.

Angeliz · 11/03/2004 14:27

Chandra, thanks for that. I bought the Bionairre warm mist one yesterday but plan to take it back as it is too big for dd's room! (On your advice it sounds right to take it back anyway!)+

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