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Cod Liver Oil and Conception/ Pregnancy

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Tillyboo · 07/08/2006 09:39

Does anyone know if taking cod liver oil poses any problems pre-conception and through pregnancy ?
I have been taking Extra Strength Cod Liver Oil with added Vitamin A for my stiff joints and have recently changed to normal cod liver oil as I'm concerned about the level of Vitamin A.
We may try for another baby and I know that too much vitamin A is not good.
The normal strength CLO states : 4000 I.U per 10ml and I take 5ml every day
The Extra Strength CLO states : 800 ug per 10ml and I was taking 15ml a day
I've asked 'Midwives online' but as yet had no response so I thought I'd ask Mumsnet

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schneebly · 07/08/2006 09:42

I don't think they are reccomended in pg - you could switch to some other type of oil or maybe the mumomega supplement?


slinkstah · 07/08/2006 11:22

Ive heard cod liver oils are bad in pregnancy and have too much vit A.
Its ok to take fish oil though.


Piffle · 07/08/2006 11:32

You can change to mumomega supplement for pregnancy btw


Tillyboo · 07/08/2006 11:35

Thank you for the recommendations - I'm off to Boots now ...

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