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Itchy rash.........on my arms and legs ???????

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nutcracker · 08/03/2004 20:29

I noticed yesterday that i had a rash on the inside of my wrist. It has now spread to my legs too. It isn't red (apart from when i scratch it), and it's just like little raised dots. Very itchy though.

Any ideas ????

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nutcracker · 08/03/2004 22:34

Please help, it's driving me mad now, and it's getting sore cos i keep scratching.

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nutcracker · 08/03/2004 22:43

Any suggestions of what i can put on it to stop the itching ???? Please, i'll try anything .

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gingernut · 08/03/2004 22:43

Hmmm, could be an allergic reaction. Have you changed washing powder? Eaten anything unusual? You could try taking an antihistamine such as Piriton to ease the itching (this should work if it's an allergy). I'd also try an emollient on it (aqueous cream for e.g.).


nutcracker · 08/03/2004 22:48

Thanks gingernut I haven't got either of those things in, will have to get some tommorow.
I vaguley remember having it before, but on my face and a long time ago.
The only things that i can think may of caused it are my perfume or fake tan.
I put perfume that i hadn't worn in a while on friday, but that wouldn't explain why the rash has moved to my legs.
I also put fake tan on my legs on thursday, but again this doesn't explain, how it got on my wrists.
I haven't changed my washing powder or eaten anything unusual.
My mom said it's probably stress. Could that be right ???

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gingernut · 08/03/2004 22:58

I don't know about stress - I suppose it's possible. I tend to get eczema/dry skin during the winter which can itch like mad. You don't need to use aqueous cream, it can be any moisturiser/body lotion that you use, just try it on a small area of skin first in case it makes it worse.

Have you got any antihistamines in the house (e.g. Claritin, Zirtek) - it doesn't have to be Piriton. You could even try Medised which contains an antihistamine, don't know what the dose should be though as it's meant for children (I seem to remember recommending this to you for one of your children so I'm thinking you may have some).

Anyway, HTH and you get some relief.

droopydrawers · 08/03/2004 23:03

Stress can definitely cause a rash. I had exzema on the backs of my knees and on my inner elbows which drove me totally up the wall. It lasted for ages and I kept saying that it couldn't be stress because I wasn't feeling stressed about anything. Suddenly one day after suffering for about 6 months it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was under loads of stress, but just wasn't recognising it. The rash disappeared a day or two later.

Of course yours may be totally different, but what helped mine (apart from steroid creams which are not a great idea if you can avoid them) was swimming in the sea (highly practical suggestion) after which the rash cleared up for a day, and lavender in the bath which somehow soothed me. I truly sympathise and hope you find a solution soon.

Agy · 09/03/2004 10:10

Boots Skin Therapy cream helps sooth the itching. Keep the areas warm too as I find cold makes it itch. Yes, I think stress can cause exzema.

nutcracker · 09/03/2004 10:59

Thanks everyone. It is slightly better this morning. Gingernut - Your right i do have medised, would never be without a bottle now.
I'm going to see how it is later and if it gets very itchy again, i will take some.
Droopydrawers - LOL at your suggestion. We may be going away soon though so if i still have it tehn, then i'll try it

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