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V.Poorly DS........Can't keep anything down......even water HELP

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nutcracker · 06/03/2004 13:34

My Ds (15mths) was being sick all day yesterday and is still being sick todayb although not as frequently. The trouble is, that he can't keep anything down. He keeps crying cos he's hungry/thirsty, but if i give him water about 1/2 hour later he brings it back up. I've given him dry toast but that won't stay bdown either. He also has a slight temperature. He just isn't his self at all. I don't know what to do with him ????

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carla · 06/03/2004 13:37

Nutcracker, when dds were like this I insisted they only take little sips at a time - they were obviously dehydrated and wanted to gulp it down, but then it'd come straight up again. Just little and often should help keep it down. Poor you and ds. Hope it's all over soon.

nutcracker · 06/03/2004 13:39

I can't get him to take little sips, as he's sooo thirsry. If i don't let him drink it he screams and screams.

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twiglett · 06/03/2004 13:41

message withdrawn

twiglett · 06/03/2004 13:43

message withdrawn

carla · 06/03/2004 13:43

Nutcracker, mine were like that too but you've just got (I know it's hard) to let him scream. It was the sheer volume of water that dds wanted to take that was too much on their little unwell tummies. I know it's hard, and I will be thinking of you.

nutcracker · 06/03/2004 13:44

Also meant to say, that he has a very spotty face. Most are around hi mouth which i put down too dribbling, but he has a big red one on his cheek and one behind his ear. Doesn't look like chicken pox though, as there is no fluid in them.

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carla · 06/03/2004 13:46

How about just putting sips into whatever he's drinking from, saying something like 'has it all gone, get you some more in a minute'.

nutcracker · 06/03/2004 13:47

Thanks Twiglett. I might try giving him water off a spoon as suggested on that thread.

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nutcracker · 06/03/2004 13:49

Carla - Unfortunatly he has no patience. When his cup is empty, he stands and screams at me until i fill it up.

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carla · 06/03/2004 14:15

It will be really hard on both of you, but it was the only thing that worked for me, and ME as I got it a couple of days later. Have you got any support today or are you on your own?

nutcracker · 06/03/2004 14:18

Dp is here too and dd's. I hope they don't get it. DD1 felt sick a couple of days ago, but wasn't actually sick. I have felt queasy for about 3 days now but so far haven't been sick.

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carla · 06/03/2004 14:26

Promise you'll try?

nutcracker · 06/03/2004 14:31

What ??? The just giving him sips you mean ??? I'm going to try giving it him off a spoon ithink

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stace · 06/03/2004 15:26

Hope you're all feeling better soon, just wanted to say that there are lots of bad bugs going round but perhaps you should add diarolyte to whatever whatever he is taking in and maybe also check with the doctor for dehydration if you're really concerned. The spots should be checked out as my little one had something a few years ago which was around the mouth too !! Hope all gets better soon

Jimjams · 06/03/2004 17:27

little sips- preferably with a bit of sugar in (or dioralyte if they'll have it). Last month my eldest was like this and after 24 hours I gave him cod herbal tea with 2 tsp of sugar - just one sip every few minutes. He kept that down.

hercules · 06/03/2004 17:29

Icelollies. Slow way to get fluid into them.

marthamoo · 06/03/2004 17:30

Nutty, nothing to add to the good advice - just that I hope he's feeling better soon, and no-one else gets it. Sickness bugs are horrible

Tillysmummy · 06/03/2004 17:49

nutcracker can't offer much other advice. Spoon idea is a good one. Are his nappies wet or dry. It is a sign if they are dry and he doesn't have a moist mouth that he may be dehydrated but if his nappies are wet and he is moist in the mouth then he is probably ok. Ice lolly idea is a good one. Or perhaps a straw ? Good luck. Hope it gets better

nutcracker · 06/03/2004 20:20

Hello again, thanks for all the advice. He has drunk a little more water, and had a bit of dry toast, and so far so good. He is now fast asleep.
I on the other hand feel crap

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nutcracker · 08/03/2004 18:48

I was wrong, he doesn't seem to be getting better at all. He got up this morning full of beans, and in a much better mood. We offered him some water which he really didn't want, so we offered him 4 oz of milk, which he drank like he was starving. About 2 hiurs later we decided to give him some dry toast. He was fine all day, so i gave him some mashed potatoe at tea time. I only gave it to him because every time anyone else ate anything he cried and cried. Anyway, he has since thrown everything back up.
His nappy this morning was wet, but since then only diarrohea.
I don't know what to do next. Everytime we think he's getting better, it starts again. He has had it now for 4 days.

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twiglett · 08/03/2004 18:53

message withdrawn

nutcracker · 08/03/2004 18:59

Thanks Twiglett. I haven't tried the probiotic yoghurts, where do i get them from ??
He looks sooo poorly and fed up too. He is crying nearly all the time. He did exactly the same thing on sunday, was fine all day and then was sick all over dp in the evening.
How long do this bugs usually last ?? I'm sure i've never had one that lasted this long, or my dd's. I think i will see if i can get him in at the docs tommorow just to put my mind at rest.
I also think it's slightly unusual that he is the only one in the family to have it. I did feel sick, but nothing happened.

OP posts:
roisin · 08/03/2004 19:02

Oh poor you nutcracker - it's awful if they are so sick isn't it DS2 has a very fragile stomach, and with him - cruel though it feels at the time - we have to keep him on just water for 24 hrs after any vomit, then 24 hrs on just water or very weak juice and small amount of white bread, then gently gently for another couple of days. (Definitely no dairy.)

Be reassured, even when they are being sick every 30 mins they can get some goodness, and especially fluids, from what they are taking in.

But 4 days is a long time to be so ill for such a little one. If he is not looking chirpy tomorrow morning I'd take him to the GP to be on the safe side.

twiglett · 08/03/2004 19:11

message withdrawn

nutcracker · 08/03/2004 19:13

Oh i see Twiglett. God i'm thick sometimes

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