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Ems · 28/02/2002 15:55

Has anyone tried this?

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Bumblelion · 28/02/2002 16:18

Heard of it, but not sure what it is.

What is it?

Janus · 28/02/2002 16:32

I have a friend who started reiki about 6 months ago and seeing her again recently I would say it has done her the power of good. She is really positive about things and she was close to a breakdown the last time I saw her. She also uses it for excema with her child and her husbands back, both with some success - must be worth a try??

winnie · 28/02/2002 17:11

Ems, after a traumatic entrance into the world my ds was a very grizzly & demanding baby, he just didn't settle for any period of time. A friend did reiki on him and it passified him instantly and gradually over the next few days he settled much more. I am not sure if this would have happened anyway or not (wo can say?) but the calm it produced in him simply having it done was worth it!

Ems · 28/02/2002 18:59

Thanks guys, I'm not sure exactly what they do Bumbelion, but it is a type of healing.

I am suffering so badly at the mo with my IBS, to the point where I am willing to try anything, hence the looking into alternative therapies.

OP posts:
JoAnne427 · 28/02/2002 19:45

I have a friend who is considering learning how to administer Reiki. She has explained it to me as an ancient Japanese energy balancing technique to heal the mind, body and spirit. The practitioner lays her hands on the other persons chakras and other strategic energy places and it's balanced out. She's had it done, and says it is wonderful...

I may give it a try - things have been so stressful lately, last night I just lay in bed in tears after dd went to sleep, and I just know something has to change! Maybe it's my chakras...

Let us know if you go for it...

SueW · 28/02/2002 19:57

Ems, I can't remmeber where you're based but the Vitality Show is on at Plympia from 22-24March. It offers lots of alternative health and complementary therapy tester sessions as well as exercise, health and beauty etc.

I went to the Good Health Show at the NEC a couple of weeks ago and taster sessions were about a fiver for five mins, 20 for 20 mins etc. Lots of different therapies and readings e.g. bowen, reiki, shiatsu, iridology,

Tickets for Olympia are a tenner a throw I think but if you look for one of the health/lifestyle mags like Zest, they often do a 'buy one, get one free' offer if you can drag a friend along.

Ems · 28/02/2002 20:06

SueW, thanks for the info, that sounds great, trying out lots of different things, unfortunately we are away then.

JoAnne, sorry to hear that you're sounding down. Perhaps if you friend is training you can be her guineapig?

Will definitely call the Reiki lady tomorrow and will keep you posted.

OP posts:
Bron · 28/02/2002 22:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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