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Calpol before Measles jab?

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CountessDracula · 02/03/2004 22:46

I am taking my 18 mo dd to have her single measles jab tomorrow. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you should give a spoon of calpol first - am I right?

OP posts:
FairyMum · 03/03/2004 07:36

When we did the MMR, I was told that it rarely causes any reactions before a few weeks after the injection when they can get a slight fever. I did give calpol anyway just to be on the safe side...

twiglett · 03/03/2004 08:25

message withdrawn

willow2 · 03/03/2004 21:27

Cd - where did you get it done - and how did it go?

stripey · 03/03/2004 21:48

Both mine have had single measles at Holbourn Medical Centre in London (they have a website where you can book). Thankfully they were both fine afterwards with little reaction

CountessDracula · 03/03/2004 23:02

Thanks all - I went to Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon to a Doctor Singer (who I thought was a total arse, nearly turned around and walked out in fact cos he was so full of himself and kept trying to blind me with science. He also scoffed at me when I said I wanted 6 months between the vaccine and gabbled a lot of evidence that the immune response is over in 4 weeks so I must have it done in 6 weeks time. I agreed but will cancel the appt I think)

It went fine, she hardly even noticed it and was in a very good mood afterwards. When I got her ready for bed tonight there wasn't even a mark on her bum.

OP posts:
pamina3 · 04/03/2004 09:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twiglett · 04/03/2004 09:24

message withdrawn

WSM · 04/03/2004 09:40

I gave my DD a spoonful before she had her MMR, no idea whether it helped or not but she didn't seem to suffer any real adverse effects afterwards. One spoonful of Calpol certainly won't harm her, but it might just help.

WSM · 04/03/2004 09:42

Sorry, just realised that you've already been for the jab ! DOH !

P.S. I was extra 'cruel' Mummy and my DD had her MMR and Hib booster at the same appointment. DD didn't seem to mind at all really, considering.

aloha · 04/03/2004 09:51

I strongly recommend a chocolate button inserted into the mouth at the precise moment the needle goes in - my ds didn't even look down

CountessDracula · 04/03/2004 19:53

pamina, it is £120 each there. Expensive compared to some places but it is so convenient, with the other places would have to take an afternoon off work which would cost me about 10 times any saving I make!

I have seen a couple of people there and they have always been really good before. If you call them, they will give you the number - there is another Dr there called O'Connell who does them too. Can't recommend Singer!

OP posts:
Dinny · 04/03/2004 20:04

I didn't give Calpol before give dd Calpol beforehand - she didn't have reaction till 10 days later anyway. The doc at the Breakspear sat dd on my knee facing me, stuck a colourful badge on my shoulder and did it in her bum. She didn't notice anything. Good luck, CountessDracula

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