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Pain in wrist muscles

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joolee · 01/03/2004 12:33

Hi guys, can anyone help me with a problem with my wrists? Since DS was born weighing 9lb 3oz my wrist muscles have been getting more and more painful (due to the strain of carrying him?).

As he will be getting heavier and there will be no let up in carrying him I can't see the muscles healing themselves.

I am currently using a wrist support and Nurogel which helps but can feel it getting worse.

Any ideas out there? Thought about getting a caste but that would be quite drastic

OP posts:
twiglett · 01/03/2004 12:37

message withdrawn

bundle · 01/03/2004 12:45

your ligaments etc soften up to due hormonal changes in pregnancy & take a while to get back to normal, how old is your ds?

suedonim · 01/03/2004 13:23

I suffered from the same thing, Joolee, although I've also had it when not pg or postnatal. The Dr said it was tendonitis and recommended anti-inflammatories (I'm not sure if they are okay to take when breastfeeding) and sturdy wrist supports. The supports were the best help and it eventually went. It was very painful, I couldn't use my hands when trying to stand up or anything like that!

zebra · 01/03/2004 13:37

Topical or oral ibuprofen in "normal" doses would be ok.
I found massage helped with my RSI.

udar · 01/03/2004 17:34

Might be worth trying to get a referral from the GP for physio. Some hand specialist physios can custom make splints that you can use. I had terrible tendinitis at one point so that I couldn't brush my teeth, hair, basically do anything with my right hand. Unfortunately the thing that healed it was avoiding the movements that are causing the strain.
What about one of those slings that hold the baby on your hip without having to do so much 'holding' with your wrists.

joolee · 01/03/2004 19:02

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. I am going to the GP on Thursday for DS 6 week check so will raise it then.

Have also thought about using a sling, udar, but need to find out which one to buy.

I have always had weak wrists and during pg did have carpal tunnel syndrome as well. Should have seen this coming...

OP posts:
geogteach · 02/03/2004 14:17

I had this with DS1 - I had a steroid injection into my hand- painful at the time but did the trick

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