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homeopath question - any advice welcomed

15 replies

kizzie · 15/02/2004 21:32

Hi everyone - sorry to bore those of you who have heard my story soooo many times but basically I am trying to withdraw from an AD I became addicted to.

Am now on a slow withdrawal programme but suffering from fairly severe anxiety and panic attacks, and after hearing about the remedy aconite went to see a homeopath.
(fully registered).
I found her very nice but she said that she wouldnt recommend aconite as it is more for shock and after spending a long time talking to me mixed me a remedy.
One thing I was slightly suprised by is that she says that she doesnt tell patients what is in the remedy - so Ive no idea what shes actually given me.
Is this normal?
Also Id really appreciate any info from anyone whos found any help for anxiety/panic from any homeopathic remedies inc aconite (Im tempted to go to Boots and by some and try it).

OP posts:
josiejump · 15/02/2004 22:20

Hi Kizzie, me again! From my experience of taking the kids to a homeopath i would say that is par for the course- she was exactly the same and only told me on the next consultation what she had given them. Whether or not it is to do with your expectations affecting the treatment, or some other reason I can't say. All I know is that a certain amount of success ( 80-90%) was achieved with persistent coughing and excema, so I'd say go for it! ( By the way, scuse my ignorance, but what is AD ?)

pie · 15/02/2004 22:24

As far as I know it IS normal practice for them NOT to tell you what you are being given. The amount of times I would go home and read my Materia Medica and completely disagree with my homeopath was ridiculous. It only worked when I didn't know anymore. (I used to sneak a look at the bottle so thats how I knew).

Aconite is a good one for shock. If she is registered then I would seriously listen to her advice before self dosing.

I hope you have some sucess and feel better soon.

Josiejump AD = AntiDepressants.

twiglett · 15/02/2004 22:25

message withdrawn

Jimjams · 16/02/2004 08:29

It varies kizzie. My homeopath always asks if I want to know (and I always say yes as I'm nosy).

kizzie · 16/02/2004 13:02

Thanks everyone - thats really useful!

Pie - I think what you're saying is probably why she does it like that - Id be exactly the same - looking everything up!!

Ive got another appointment coming up soon so I'll see how it goes. Twiglett - am going to bring up the aconite again because a number of people have said they've found it helpful. (Don't care if its placebo )

OP posts:
Enid · 16/02/2004 13:19

Mine tells me, but the one I had before didn't. I don't really mind not knowing.

I always think its best not to know too much personally. I know I have been prescribed Pulsatilla which works brilliant for stress and exhaustion.

Enid · 16/02/2004 13:21

works brilliantly I should say.

Kizzie, if your homeopath doesnt think aconite is warranted you will achieve little by asking for it. Homeopathy is done by personality type and she obviously feels that aconite is not for you. I know a lot of people feel that Sepia is good for depression, but again it depends on your personality.

Jimjams · 16/02/2004 13:24

kizzie- what works for some people doesn't work for others though. Also aconite is more for short term shock, lots of pacing and fear of death.

M2T · 16/02/2004 13:28

Could the reason be that if they tell you what it is then you could just by-pass the homeopath and buy it straight off the shelf..... therefore he/she wouldn't get her money?? Maybe I'm being cynical, but it really sounds like the only reason for not revealing what the remedy is.

Kizzie - Did you ask her about Sepia?

Enid · 16/02/2004 13:56

I don't think it is that - the remedy I take is not available off the shelf, at least not in such a strong dose.

I think its just to stop you going away and reading up and thinking 'well that doesnt sound like me' and perhaps stopping it?

Crunchie · 16/02/2004 14:28

My understanding is that because Homeopathy treat the 'whole' person there are not many remedies that are general. Correct me if I am wrong others who know more.

Also registered Homeopaths mix remedies to suit the individual and are different strength than those over the counter.

kizzie · 16/02/2004 16:46

I always wondered that MT2 but I dont think so in this case - she seems incredibly nice / honest - and genuinely trying to help.

I suppose the problem is that my symptoms are complicated by the withdrawal programme - because its difficult to tell whats 'me' and whats withdrawal.

Thanks again for all the views - particularly on aconite and sepia.

OP posts:
kizzie · 16/02/2004 16:52

Oh and Enid thanks for the mention re. Pulsatilla.

OP posts:
pie · 16/02/2004 18:12

Crunchie is right. I used to work in a homeopathic pharmacy, there we stocked over 2000 remedies, and there are more every year being added. You are paying the homeopath to look at you in a objective manner and to make a judgement over which of the thousands of remedies suit you what works for one person in seemingly similar circumstances may not work for another person for millions of different reasons you alone would not pick up on.

Jimjams · 16/02/2004 19:12

you need different remedies at different times. DS2 has had 2 different remedies in his life, ds1 has had about 8! Also as other have said you wouldn't really self- prescribe a 200C, most on the shelf are a much lower potency 6C and 30C.

The Society of homeopaths produces a leaflet which explains homeopathy - your homeopath may well have a copy- it might be udeful to have a read.

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