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coughing again.

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misdee · 11/02/2004 19:34

dd1 has picked up a nasty cough again. she has been constantly coughing all night and day and is shattered. nothing is touching it. she has used her inhalors the usual ammount, as she isnt struggling to breathe, its just a nasty non-productive cough at the moment. i think she may have an onmset of another cold as she has sneezed a fair bit thsi evening and seems a bit sniffy, so maybe its just snot running down the baclk of her throat atm. i think i should have shares in karvol.

OP posts:
Evita · 11/02/2004 21:08

My dd is in exactly the same state. How old is yours now? Mine's 16 months exactly. This happened to her at 8 months, 12 months and now. I've grown to dread the beginnings of that little dry night cough which signals the onset of it all - fevers, lethargy, etc. Last time she was in hospital for 2 nights with it as her fever went over 40 and her pulse to 200 a minute!

Sorry, this is no help whatsoever. I'm feeling this evening probably how you're feeling. Tired. Worried.

I really do hope your dd feels better soon. xxx

nutcracker · 11/02/2004 21:10

Have you tried medised ??? This really seems to dry a runny nose up

lyndsey66 · 11/02/2004 21:16

sympathy to you - when ds has a cough it is exhausting. The only thing that helps him is propping him up with loads of pillows (poor thing is almost sat up but does seem to give him some relief!)

misdee · 11/02/2004 21:44

she cant have medised as she is already on anti-histimines alerady.

she's almost 4, just very tiring as this is the 4th cold/cough since the xmas flu we all had. she has missed loads of nursery lately. poor wee mite.

OP posts:
Angeliz · 11/02/2004 21:47

misdee, my dd has had an awful cough for about 3 weeks now. I took her to Doc and he listened lots to her chest and said it was clear and this was just a bug going round. Her cousins are the same and someone on here told me there's a nasty bug going round that lasts for 5 weeks. Loks like my dd has that as i'm now used to the awful cough. Hope your dd is better soon

misdee · 11/02/2004 21:52

i just feel so bad for her. she was curled up on the sofa this afternoon sleeping away ,and she never sleeps in the afternoon. she isnt really running a temp, its just this cough is really tiring her out. i was gonna take her to the docs but i know they will say there is nothing they can do, so she just had loads of sympathy and nicked the best seat in the house. oh and her sister satin duvet. dd2 was ok with sharin it tho, its now back in her cot.

OP posts:
Angeliz · 11/02/2004 21:56

yes, it's awful
My dd had two afternoon naps the first week she had it and was knackered but is back to her normal self now but sounds like she smokes 40 a day!!!!!!
I have been putting damp towels on the radiator and everything but haven't given her medicine for a few days as i feel she's been on it for weeks!!!
Hopefully your dd won't have it as long!

nutcracker · 11/02/2004 21:56

Oh, poor thing. We regularly have this problem as ds and dd are asthmatic so coughs tend to be worse than eldest dd's. Can't really think of anything else to suggest, not much help am i .
I'm always amazed at just how tired constant coughing can make them. DD has been kept off nursery a few times because she so tired from coughing and not for the actual cough.

Evita · 12/02/2004 14:54

When dd had to go to hospital with her chest just before Christmas, the paediatrician there told me that the exhaustion that comes with it (which a few people here have commented on) is because they are putting loads of effort into breathing, they called it 'breathing hard' so it's like their lungs are making the sort of effort they would if they were running. That's why they're so sleepy. Plus fever if there is one.

bundle · 12/02/2004 15:02

here's a link to an article by my favourite cough consultant

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