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what to do?

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squirmyworm · 10/02/2004 18:52

dear little ds (breastfed only up until 2 days ago when we started to have little tastes of solids)seems to get very upset before he has his daily poo. He goes all red and yells and pulls his legs up. I didn't think bf babies could get constipated so what is wrong and what can I do to help? He's always been like this but is worse today - prob because of the tiny bit of carrot and baby rice he had earlier - any ideas?

OP posts:
lou33 · 10/02/2004 18:59

I bf ds2 until he was 16 weeks old, but he was constipated from day one , more or less. It sounds like his body is adjusting to solids. Maybe he had too much?

easy · 10/02/2004 19:08

do you give him drinks of water as well as breastfeeding. if not then start to to help with the solids.

A friend of mine gave her little one orange juice (very VERY diluted) when she was constipated, and that worked.

AussieSim · 10/02/2004 19:12

My DS had similar problems and his little eyelids used to turn purple from straining. I was told to add a dash of vegetable oil to his solids, as well as a little water from a cup (no valve). HTH

Bron · 10/02/2004 19:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettycandles · 10/02/2004 22:12

Cut out the rice.

Lisa78 · 10/02/2004 22:35

DS2 does it too SW - and he sometimes goes 3 or 4 days without going, IYSWIM! (I was in quite a panic just before Crimbo about it) Then it all passes () and he is okay until the next bout of constipation - and he is not on solids yet
I'm sure its normal and he is perhaps adjusting to solids - if you are worried, I should just give him a tiny drink of cooled boiled water.
Good luck

bobthebaby · 10/02/2004 23:34

A little oil in the food seems to make poo slide out easier. Can't say water did anything for my ds. He will sometimes relax enough during a bf to let go of the poo IYSWIM, so an extra bf may help if you know he wants to go.

mears · 11/02/2004 00:13

As your babe is only 17 weeks (?), I would stop solids for now. It is better for breastfed babies to wait till 6 months before starting solids if at all possible. By the reaction you describe sounds as though you should wait a bit longer.

easy · 11/02/2004 09:38

Ah, Mears is soooo wise

GenT · 19/02/2004 14:07

I need some advice here please.

DD usually has one or two dirty nappies a day. This is the third day and I haven't changed a dirty nappy, only wet ones.

I think she should have something to empty as she has been eating rather well. This is the first time in her life this has happened.

I wouldn't think she is allergic to anything in comparison to the other threads.

She is one SMA White, about 4 (8ozs) bottles per day, she has baby rice, with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, fingerfoods to snack on and potatoes/veg with some meat for dinner.

I did give her diluted orange yesterday, 2 ozs orange juice with 4 ozs water, took a while before she could handle the taste, but she drank it. Her face kept saying...this isn;t milk, not sweet.

She isn't in any pain as such, so that may be why I am not so worried. But to have a big on my face I would love to see a dirty nappy, the fuller the better. Three days is a long time for her not to go esp when she is eating well.

What do you think I should give her? Is there something I am missing out?

GenT · 19/02/2004 16:01

got to bump this one, mears, anyone about????

MammyShirl · 19/02/2004 16:05


is your liitle one aged one years?

MammyShirl · 19/02/2004 16:10

hello squirmyworm - i think mears is right. do you mind just continuing with breastfeeding for now? I breastfed my dd for 8 months and started her on solids properly (i say that as i had tried unsuccessfully b4)at 7 1/2 months.
she was fed 6 times a day 10 mins each breast and slept 12 hours at night. my friends did say it looked like she was constantly feeding but i didnt mind - they're all different. she rarely gets constipated. maybe his little tummy is just not ready for solids yet.

GenT · 19/02/2004 18:42

8 1/2 months mammyshirl

I am happy to say she had a dirty on, looked like rabbit droppings but I quite expected more tbh

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