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Stomach bug..... Lucky old me :o(

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WSM · 06/02/2004 09:15

Over the last 36 hours I have been blessed with the most antisocial stomach bug imaginable ! Sweaty, goosebumpy, exhausted, running a temp and VERY unpredictable in the toilet department (sorry, too much info !). Went to bed at 6.30pm last night and slept fitfully.

Feel like crap today, supposed to be going to mum and toddler this afternoon but not sure it is such a good idea DH sent me a text earlier saying that he had started with the rumbly/bubbly tummy this morning too (that's how it started with me) and he has an iron constitution ! Great weekend to look forward to then chez WSM .....

Still look on the bright side, it might help me drop a few lbs !

OP posts:
GeorginaA · 06/02/2004 21:39

Aaaaaaaanyway... back to you being ill Make sure you get some mileage out of it this weekend - don't let your dh get all the gory glory

SoupDragon · 06/02/2004 21:41

I got bog all sympathy around Christmas when I had this Hope you're feeeling much better, WSM.

WSM · 06/02/2004 21:43

Lol I really am feeling much better now though in all seriousness. There is no way I could have sat in the pc chair last night with the stomach cramps and tiredness, I was a complete zombie yesterday evening. Also came on this pm so have heavy boobs and backache to take their place, hurrah !

OP posts:
WSM · 06/02/2004 21:44

Thanks soupie, I am. It really is sucky bug though.

OP posts:
WSM · 06/02/2004 21:44

Thanks soupie, I am. It really is a sucky bug though.

OP posts:
GeorginaA · 06/02/2004 21:44

In that case, I wonder if red wine and immodium go well together?

WSM · 06/02/2004 21:46

We'll see tomorrow morning !

OP posts:
Posey · 07/02/2004 20:48

Hope everyones feeling a bit better today.
DS is much better, a bit loose in the bottom department (as dh would say) but bright and cheeky again. Never thought I'd be so pleased to see him clambering all over the furniture and ripping up the Saturday papers

GeorginaA · 08/02/2004 14:30

How are you and your dh today, WSM?

melsy · 09/02/2004 10:13

I think I have to join the stomach bug club, feel like utter sh**e. Has anyone recovered from it yet??? How are you all???

Nothing seems to stay in or (down). Had a wedding yesterday and was so worried about things happening right in the middle of ceremony!! I nearly didnt make it to the loo on time in the morning & that was both ends YEURCH . I could only eat tiny morsels of each course. I was soooo hungry , I took dry crackers with.

melsy · 09/02/2004 13:33

I am starvinnnnnnnn , but if I dont eat then I dont end up on the loo. Please someone tell me what I can eat. Would boiled eggs and dry granary bread be ok?????

GeorginaA · 09/02/2004 13:39

I've always been told to follow the BRAT diet if you have a stomach bug (after a period of starvation if you can cope with it - i.e. just water) - Bananas, Rice (plain white & boiled), Apples and Toast (white nothing put on it). Extrapolating, I tend to add things like dry crackers as well (particularly water biscuit type crackers)... obviously avoid dairy of any description.

Hope you feel better soon - this bug is really doing the rounds, isn't it?!

melsy · 09/02/2004 14:50

Thanks GeorginaA , so no boiled eggs then??

GeorginaA · 09/02/2004 16:43

I don't know for sure, but my guess would be no. That said, if you really fancy boiled eggs then it could be your body telling you that's what you need to get better - best to make them hard boiled though to be on the safe side I'd have thought?

Posey · 09/02/2004 19:15

To all of you feeling like c**p at the moment it doesn't seem to last too long. Ds was a bit off colour Thursday, awful Friday, a bit weedy Saturday and almost normal yesterday. Today he's back to his wonderful mischievous self.
Get better soon all.

melsy · 10/02/2004 13:08

Thanks georgiaa for the BRAT diet, have only eaten bread , cooked apples with a little sugar, bananas & rice cakes. Feeling A lot better today , but taking it easy on the food front still . Oh and I am drinking boiled water with lemon & a little sugar.

How is everyone else doing ?? Any survivours !!!!!

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