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Mirena - strange hormonal effects?

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spacemonkey · 26/01/2004 14:03

Hi everyone

I had a mirena fitted 10 days ago - the bleeding/spotting is tailing off now, so no problem there, but this morning when I got up I felt faint and nauseous and had to sit down, and I still feel a bit woozy and nauseous even now.

I just wondered if this could be down to the mirena hormones, or if anyone else has experienced anything similar? I can't think what else to put the faintness down to!

OP posts:
HiddenSpirit · 26/01/2004 15:18

It could be that you are slightly anaemic, especially if you have had heavy periods in the past/since you got it fitted.

Maybe make an appointment with your doctor/nurse for a blood test to check your iron levels? Another thing could be low blood pressure (mine is slightly low and am also borderline anaemic).

I remember when I was pregnant with DS1 & DS2 I was anaemic and it would take me about 2 hours to do a small lot of dishes as I had to keep sitting down for fear of passing out at kitchen sink!

spacemonkey · 26/01/2004 15:22

thanks for the advice hiddenspirit, i'll definitely go to my gp if these symptoms persist

OP posts:
survivour · 26/01/2004 16:36

Hi spacemonkey, I had mine fitted on the 15th, felt the nausea when I had the fitting, but not since. still spotting and bleeding, and had a couple of cramps inbetween. I was told that the hormones were not as strong as the pill, so don't think this is causing your problems, I would make an appointment to see your doctor, just incase it has slipped out of place. Be sure and don't worry in the meantime.....

spacemonkey · 26/01/2004 17:33

thanks survivour - i've been googling on the subject and what you say is right, the hormones are not as strong as the pill so i don't think it is that - will go to gp if symptoms don't go away on their own. Thanks for the advice

OP posts:
survivour · 18/02/2004 11:19

Calling Spacemonkey!!!!! Just wanted to know how you felt about the coil now? I have only just, just, just stopped spotting. Went to the DRs and said is that OK? My DR said; oh yes! it can go on for up to 3 months, 1 month down, 2 to go, yepee!!!!!

jolou1 · 18/02/2004 11:24

Hi Survivour, I spotted for about four months, but once that cleared up all was well and the one period I had was very light. It's been fantastic - the benefits really outweigh the few weeks of slight inconvenience.

survivour · 18/02/2004 11:45

Hi jolou1, thanks for that, have to make my appointment for the 6 week check. Could you tell me what that involves? I found the fitting to be straight forward, not to much pain, felt a bit sick afterwards, then realised my blood sugar was low, made me feel a bit better that they hadn't done some permanent damage!!!!

spacemonkey · 18/02/2004 12:25

hi survivour

well the bleeding/spotting has all but stopped now, but a couple of weeks ago i had terrible cramps (more like braxton hicks) and thought that it was coming out - went to the doc and it was still in there ok (she said it was normal to get cramps while it was settling in). It's been fine since then though. Also I am very spotty!

OP posts:
jolou1 · 18/02/2004 12:30

I never went back for a six week check.....forgot completely! But I do check from time to time that the threads are there. I remember the doc who fitted the device telling me that a check would involve a quick internal to ensure the threads were in the right place and that it would be a lot easier and less uncomfortable than the actual fitting. It's been almost a year since I had it fitted and so far so good.

alibubbles · 18/02/2004 19:51

I had mine fitted yesterday, only bled a little afterwards and not really anything today.- not really a bleed, a bit watery and niggly cramps, but bearable.

Feeling a bit down, don't know why, could be that I had a rough time at the hopistal on Monday when they couldn't get a canula into my arm depsite 4 attempts and then having to get a doctor who managed to make my arm bleed everywhere. I have got massive bruises on each arm. (I went for a CT scan of my kidney.)

In fact I feel a bit low, tired and no energy, just as well it is half term, no mindies!

spacemonkey · 18/02/2004 20:00

sounds like you've had a rough week alibubbles, i'm not surprised you're feeling a bit down

OP posts:
survivour · 19/02/2004 23:46

Hi alibubbles, good luck with yours! Update with mine...... still spot bleeding. Must remember to make a 6 week check appointment for next week, when boys are back at school.

susanmt · 20/02/2004 00:06

Alibubbles - how are the kidney things going (shoudl start another thread)??

Checking the Mirena thread as my hormaonal side effect is 12 weeks old and fast asleep (dont worry, mine fell out!), and caught your message about the CT scan - I'm having these things done when I stop bf dd2, and wondered how it was going with you - my stones have clamed down a bit but still have a few to pass.

Sorry everyone else for hijacking thread!

alibubbles · 20/02/2004 09:30

susanmt, at least if mine falls out I can't fall pregnant (sterilised)

Not bleeding at all now, which is something, but still feeling really low. I have read on a forum that it can cause depression, I hope not, I thought Progesterone was supposed to help PMS symptoms and so generally make you feel better. I said to DH if I still feel like this in 6-8 weeks I'll have it put or go the Prozac route! I also feel bloated, another side effect they don't tell you aboaut, plus a mega zit on my cheek, I sound really great don't I!!

Susanmt, I had a nasty kidney infetion last week, and still have a lot of back pain. I think I'll take a sample down again. I must ring the Middlesex Hospital t6oday and find out about my follow up appts as they messed up on Monday.

HiddenSpirit · 20/02/2004 09:45

Mine has finally started to settle down hopefully. Period this month is a lot lighter so far and no where near as much cramping

Like others, I now have to contend with spots/greasy hair (never actually thought about it being the coil that caused these, but it now adds up!), so I feel like a hormonal teenager again! Also my sex drive seems to have departed slightly, which is probably a relief for DP as he says I'm his little nymph

survivour · 11/03/2004 18:04

Another update, still no end to the bleeding, but not as heavy as normal, I get alot of spotting then a couple of bleeding days..... How long was this supposed to last again????????

spacemonkey · 11/03/2004 18:05

survivour, i just had my first AF since having the mirena fitted and it was VERY light and only lasted about 3 days!

OP posts:
sb34 · 11/03/2004 18:12

Message withdrawn

alibubbles · 11/03/2004 21:14

I have had my first period post Mirena,it was horrendous! It lasted 10 days and I flooded every hour every day for 8 of 10 days. Just thankful it stopped on Wednesday, DH being very understanding and patient, normally not bothered by a period, but this was chain saw massacre, changing sheets every day!

Chinchilla · 11/03/2004 21:18

Alibubbles - I'm confused. Why would your dh NOT be understanding?

Twink · 11/03/2004 21:53

I THINK I had bleeding for around 4 months, reducing each time but can't really remember now.

All I know for sure is that I've had no bleeding for at least 2 years (although it might be 3) since I had it fitted.

But I wish I didn't have the 'PM'T either...

SofiaAmes · 11/03/2004 22:38

My periods were really heavy when they started again when I stopped bfing when dd was 11 months (had mirena in at 6 week check). Now 8 months later I have had 2 normal periods. I think it just takes a little time for your body to settle in.

alibubbles · 12/03/2004 09:21

Chinchilla, no sex for 10 days! Having sex during a period isn't usually a problem for either of us, but this time it was me who couldn't face it.

If this was the BJ thread I would have said DH is very very giving, and good at it, me not so generous!

survivour · 03/04/2004 07:04

Another update.....bleeding and spotting stopped on 28th March..........feel well in myself, and have had more energy than of late. I have gone into a spring clean frenzy, my house has never looked so clean and de-cluttered..........

silverivyraven · 10/12/2004 21:50

i got my mirena fitted in august... it's now december. I have gained weight, up to 10-15 lbs. I have been very depressed, having mood swings. The doctor says it sin't the coil. I'm thinking he is wrong. If i get it removed will i feel better and lose the weight i have gained???
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