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Tasa · 22/01/2004 15:10

Very stupidly I slipped and fell down the stairs this morning - and that's without a drink- and have really hurt my coxic bone (spelling) It has got really sore and I can hardly move about. Anyone recommend I do anything - should I have a bath or put an ice pack on it or take a pain killer or all three!

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CountessDracula · 22/01/2004 15:14

Ice pack would be good as should stop any swelling, ditto ibuprofen as it is an NSAID (non steroidal anti inflamatory drug)

ThomCat · 22/01/2004 15:17

I think (someone back me up or tell me I'm wrong)you should put a hot water bottle on it for a bit and then an ice pack for a while and then back to the hot water bootle and so on (or instead of a water bottle have you got one of thise hotties that you put in the microwave?)
Also take a pain killer.

Then tonight drink alcohol and sleep without a pillow.

Don't really know what I'm talking about but it feels like the right advice!

Lou33 · 22/01/2004 15:27

Hopefully this might be helpful.

Tasa · 22/01/2004 15:51

Thanks a lot for this everyone, away to try heat and cold and take some ibuprofen.

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