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Perforated ear drum and washing of hair

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handlemecarefully · 20/01/2004 10:52

My 18 month old dd was suffering from a bad ear infection last week when her ear drum perforated (last Wednesday night). How long must I leave it before I wash her hair? - its looking a bit lank by now but I don't want to accidentally introduce water into the inner ear via the perforation...?

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Ailsa · 20/01/2004 12:40

My dd now 9yo, suffered with perforated ear drums since she was 9mths, has it healed up yet. If not try dry shampoo, I think you can get it from Boots.

Carla · 20/01/2004 12:42

You poor thing handlemecarefully - have you had any sleep at all over the last week?

handlemecarefully · 20/01/2004 13:04

Thanks Ailsa, I've not heard of dry shampoo - I'll look out for that.

Carla - not a lot!

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2under2 · 20/01/2004 13:14

dd has grommets - post-surgery the ENT consultant recommended making ear plugs out of blue tack (really!) for hair-washing. Maybe that's something you could try?

Ailsa · 20/01/2004 20:56

2under2 - you've just reminded me - my gp said the same, def. don't use cotton wool because bits come off and irritate the ear drum. DD1 had her adenoids removed when she was 4½ as she had recurring infections that antibiotics weren't touching. She still has anuual check ups now.

handlemecarefully · 21/01/2004 08:20

The blue tack is quite a good idea. I'm at work today so I'll be on the scavenge for some

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