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Chiropractors - has anyone found them helpful for back pain?

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scoobysnax · 19/01/2004 16:21

In my quest to sort out the backpain I have as a legacy from pregnancy, I tried chiropracty today. It seemed to be a promising treatment - has anyone else had any experience of this?

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StressyHead · 19/01/2004 16:26

message withdrawn

scoobysnax · 19/01/2004 16:33

Thanks Stressyhead - feel a bit sore now, nice to know it's normal...
12 sessions seems a lot though - i was thinking 3 might do the trick but twelve would blow the budget! I am having acupuncture as well at a different clinic - I am really determined to finally fix my back after nearly 5 years of just putting up with it!

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StressyHead · 19/01/2004 16:34

message withdrawn

scoobysnax · 19/01/2004 17:04

Did it fix your problem permanently?

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StressyHead · 19/01/2004 17:07

message withdrawn

scoobysnax · 19/01/2004 17:35

Thanks - it's so helpful to know what to expect! I have to get up every half hour if I am sitting at my desk and jiggle around (inconspicuously)!

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turnupthebass · 19/01/2004 18:18

I saw a chiropractor regularly for a while to sort out a problem with my neck and shoulder following a RTA.

It was very good for me but wasnt really a permanent solution - as they recommend regular 'maintenance'.

Really good advice about posture though. And the best thing you can do for your back is kneel rather than sit - sort of kneeling with your elbows on a chair is the best as it takes all the wight off your spine.

And get a chiropractic ice pack - much better for your back than hot treatments and only cost £3 or £4. Once you get used to the cold it is really beneficial.

I'd still go every week or two if i could - but it does cost a bit and I dont really have as much pain as before.

Definitely worht giving it a go though.

Demented · 20/01/2004 14:32

I see a chiropractor too, he has more or less sorted the problem I have had with my back (twisted pelvis after the birth of DS2), then a hairdresser hurt my neck whilst washing my hair . My chiropractor has said that once my problems are under control he only needs to see me once every six months for maintenance. The pain will probably get worse before it gets better.

SoupDragon · 20/01/2004 14:35

I certainly had great success with osteopathy. Once it's sorted, mine recommended something like pilates (gulps guiltily having not done anything for 6 months) and a 6 monthly maintenance visit.

scoobysnax · 20/01/2004 16:52

Demented, I have a similar problem to you - how many sessions did you need, and at what intervals?

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lady · 20/01/2004 17:06

I also swear by osteopathy - thing is to make sure you see a registered one. Find yourself a gem and you will feel like a new person.

Demented · 21/01/2004 11:49

Scoobysnax, I'm not sure how many appointments I have had but I have been seeing him since September and the gaps between appointments have been getting longer and a good few of those appointments (at least three) have been down to what happened to my neck, I've maybe had three or four other appointments, six or seven in total, I'm going again tomorrow and hoping that might be the last for a while. It's so expensive.

HZL · 21/01/2004 12:56

Just a thought. Have you tried pilates? I went to a chiropractor last year and had a number of sessions over about three months. At £30 a session, it wasn't cheap. It helped a great deal, but never really resolved the pain fully and, given my problem (core instability, probably developed during pregnancy - my ds is now 2), I realised I would have to do some work on my lower back/stomach/hips to strengthen my muscles, in order that the problem did not flare up again. The chiropractor gave me some pilates exercises, and then I found a class to join. I noticed the difference immediately and would really recommend it. It's much cheaper than chiropractic too! My back niggles occasionally, but it now means I can exercise at the same level as I used to, and don't get the sciatica I previously had.

Helsbels · 21/01/2004 13:10

Ypu may also find it useful to see a reflexologist - I know it sounds crazy but they are excellent with back problems and not as 'mechanical' s chiropractors. It is common for acupuncture to be used in conjuction but if you don't fancy that either accupressure or reiki would do the same job in a less invasive manner. HTH - anything that works is worth any soreness to eventually be pain free!

scoobysnax · 21/01/2004 13:14

Thanks for the advice - I am having acupuncture too, and pilates does sound like a good idea - I always think I don't have the time to do a class, but I guess if I can fit in acupuncture and chiropractor sessions I must be able to find time for pilates...must be my inbuilt aversion to exercise that I have to fight!
I am feeling very sore from my first chiropractor session on Monday afternoon, and am not sure that acupuncture is helping me after having had 4 sessions now.

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