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flat head/plagiocephaly, help!

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fft · 16/01/2004 21:16

ummmm I started a thread a while back and this week was finally able to see my GP who was a bit dismissive, saying everything was the right distance, and the fontel was fine, she would refer me to the Paedetricina (sp?) dept at me hospital. Wasn't concerned about the flatness of her head or that one ear is smaller then the other. My HV is also a bit lasse fare telling me not to worry. My older children also had flat heads but it was straight across the back of the head and sure enough it sorted itself out when they got older. In this case dd3's head is completely flat on one side...Kings College hospital offer head moulds, not in the same borough but can I call them directly? i just want someone to take me seriously and not fob me off, hmmmmm!

OP posts:
popsycal · 16/01/2004 21:17

go back to your docs if you are not happy
explain it properly - back it up in writing if you are very worried fft!

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