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Breastfeeding mum - lump under each armpit???

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kiwicath · 12/01/2004 10:11

Hi. New mum breastfeeding 3 week old baby boy. Discovered a lump under each armpit this morning. Tender to touch but feeling well in myself ie no fever or illness. Figured they have something to do with my lymph glands/breastfeeding but thought I'd check it out with you guys before heading down to the Doc. Any advice as to what they could be and what to do from here.

OP posts:
mears · 12/01/2004 11:38

Your milk producing glands go right up to your armpits. Were your breasts fullwhen you felt the lumps? Was it a few hours since you fed? Try massaging your breasts towards the nipple whilst feeding to ensure that the milk is flowing well. In the first few weeks of feeding you can over produce at times till it all settles down. Should resolve itself over the next few days. HTH.

prettycandles · 12/01/2004 14:56

I used to get engorged or lumpy under my arms in the first couple of months of bfing. I found it very helpful to feed lying down on the lumpy side, my head and neck well supported on a pillow, with the underneath arm resting on the mattress and up and away from me.

Also, make sure you're not bunching your clothes into your armpit while feeding, especially if you're wearing, say, a chunky jumper, as I found that that put pressure on me between boob and armpit, and a lump often seemed to follow a day of feeding in a chunky jumper.

susanmt · 12/01/2004 16:05

I still get an occasional lump in my armpit if I have gone a while wothout feeding (dd2 now 6 weeks). Giving it a massage towards the breast in a warm bath or shower worked for me. HTH.

Demented · 12/01/2004 19:50

I had a lump in one of my armpits towards the end of feeding DS2 (I posted on MN in a bit of a panic about it), after a couple of days of feeding and massaging from the lump down towards the nipple it just drained away again. If the lumps are still there in a few days time then I would go and get them checked out at the Dr, hopefully they should drain away over the next couple of days. All the best.

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