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My baby has changed for the worse

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melsy · 10/01/2004 14:00

What are the signs of teeething, as hard to detect as DD had her last set of jabs Tues, had several high temps for 2 days. I thought they had levelled out , but the temps continued and she has been grissley for the last 48hrs:crying and crying & making a moaning sounds and not sleeping properly.
She has also gone of her milk. All her sleep has been disturbed day & night, and her cry gets really gutteral and strange. Her mouth feels hot and hard and she has been very unhappy, she had a bath lastnight, as left her since Mon because of jabs and she cried and cried. Normally she loves it. I am hoping it is teething and I am not missing something, I have been giving her teething chamomillla powder and she calms for a short while.
She wont take calpol as spews the whole lot up so have bought disprol banana flav today, can these be taken at the same time?? I am just upset as she is normally happy smiley baby,WERE HAS SHE GONE. My mum says that crying is normal , but I know she doesnt just cry for the sake of it.

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efmach · 10/01/2004 14:20

Melsy, how stressful for you. Have you thought about giving NHS direct a call? Or perhaps your G.P. They would have a deputising service and might be able to do a home visit.
Make sure she is kept cool, encourage fluids if possible and check she has regular wet nappies. She might be teething at the moment but I think it unlikely that that is the cause of her unwellness. Hope this is helful.

elena2 · 10/01/2004 14:36

Might be worth a call to NHS Direct as efmach suggested, if only for peace of mind. Or can you call out the Doctor? I'd go with your instincts on this and get her checked out, you know your own baby best.

Browbeaten · 10/01/2004 14:37

As the others have said ring NHS direct for your own peace of mind. Good Luck

WideWebWitch · 10/01/2004 14:41

What's your instinct melsy? If it's that she's very unwell, I'd call NHS Direct first and if you're not reassured or if she seems worse I'd go to A&E.

sb34 · 10/01/2004 15:16

Message withdrawn

Loobie · 10/01/2004 16:22

Hope yopu have had some help and advice over babs or shes at least feeling a bit better,you cant give calpol and disprol together as they both contain the same drug(paracetamol)You can give junior nurofen as well as the disprol though

JanH · 10/01/2004 16:24

melsy, does your GP practice have an emergency service? If so I'd ring that first - before NHS Direct - see if you can get someone to come out to you. The crying and moaning sounds very strange. Hope you get her seen soon.

mears · 10/01/2004 16:28

It could be a result of her vaccinations but best to get her checked out if you feel she is unwell. As already said, disprol and calpol are the same thing and cannot be given together (paracetamol). Nurofen can be given with disprol.
Teething should not make a baby unwell. Give the doctor a call - do you have an emergency service at the weekend?

lavender1 · 10/01/2004 17:44

have to agree with others; if she's normally a smiley, happy baby and then vomiting...something doesn't sound right..a few months ago a friend had a daughter who was suddenly being sick and had a temperature..out of concern, as her dh was away dh and I rang hospital, they said bring her will never be wasting anyone's time if there is an unhappy baby and mother involved...ringing the local hospitals emergency number seems like a good idea...

I hope she feels better soon and you are able to cuddle her and have her lovely smiley face again...

Big hugs (((())))))


Jimjams · 10/01/2004 18:04

I would get her checked out. DO you have an emergency drs number (I've foudn them better than NHS direct who just send you to A and E).

melsy · 10/01/2004 18:20

Thank you girls . She seems better this afternoon , the temprature has gone but she is still grumpy. The funny crying seems to have stopped also, could it have been a longer reaction to the jabs??

She isnt vomiting the calpol, just wont swallow it, so it just pours out her mouth!!!!. Sorry I didnt write my question out clearly before . It was more a question of combining teething powder and Disprol OR Calpol ??? I know not to combine both Disprol & Calpol, as already paranoid about giving anything. She seems to have slept a little better today , as kept her at home , she likes her big cot rather than carry cot when we go out.

OP posts:
melsy · 10/01/2004 20:20

hellooo anyone know??

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popsycal · 10/01/2004 20:23

does disprol have paracetemol in? if it does then you can't take both together

melsy · 10/01/2004 20:25

Teething powder is homeapathic and then I would only use Disprol OR Calpol , not both.

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pie · 10/01/2004 20:26

If the teething powder it homeopathic you can use it with could give her 10 sachets and the homeopathy would still be safe. Though she may have a nutty reaction to that. But yes you can give it with Calpol or Disprol

melsy · 10/01/2004 22:36

Thanks pie , thats what I wanted to know.

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