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Bronchitis in 8 months old

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SpringChicken · 09/01/2004 15:13

Anyone got an idea just how bad this is?

My niece who is 8 months was rushed into hospital yesterday as her breathing wasn't very good and had a high temperature. At first doctor thought it was your average chest infection but when the drugs he had given her weren't working he decided to take her down for an x-ray.
When they came back from the X-ray she had a fit - only lasted a few seconds but was very scary. The doctors then came back and diagnosed bronchitis as the problem.

She has been kept in overnight and we were told that as long as her temperature dropped, breathe regulated and she could take her food she would be allowed hope with antibiotics - however, today she has thrown up every bottle she has been fed and the hospital have decided to keep her in tonight as well.

It was so horrible seeing her - she has got tubes up her nose to give her oxygen to help with her breathing, she also has to have a big oxygen mask on every so often to try and help - they have now put a tube into her stomach to try and give her food without her throwing it up.

Anyone know how bad it is to get this in a baby so small?

OP posts:
mears · 09/01/2004 15:30

Is it bronchiolitis rather than bronchitis?
Babies can certainly be very poorly with it but it is not uncommon, especially in the winter months. She should get checked out for RSV which is viral and needs treatment other than antibiotics. The cough is terrible and they do tend to vomit all their feeds. She should start to improve over the next few days hopefully though. The fit will have been in relationship to her temperature. Hope she gets better soon.

M2T · 09/01/2004 15:32

Poor wee scone SC.... no advice, just wanted to offer sympathy and best wishes.

SpringChicken · 09/01/2004 15:32

Not sure which it is, could be either - is there a difference?

Thanks for answering Mears - it wouldn't be nice to see anyone like that but as she is so tiny it just makes you feel awful!

OP posts:
Jaybee · 09/01/2004 15:33

It sounds very similar to when dd was admitted to hospital but hers turned out to be bronchiolitis (sp?) rather than bronchitis - she was 8 months too - she had to stay in hospital for nearly a week and was very weak - they closely monitored her oxygen saturation and she was on oxygen. It looks awful and is very scary but I am sure she is being looked after and will be fine in a day or too.

Jaybee · 09/01/2004 15:35

Sorry - post crossed - had to take a phone call mid message.

mears · 09/01/2004 15:35

Bronchitis is more of a chronic long term condition really.
Info on bronchiolitis here

LIZS · 09/01/2004 15:41

dd had bronchiolitis at 3 months but managed to avoid hospitalisation. She threw up violently for a couple of days - had to express and bottle feed her every 2 hours as she was so weak - and couldn't cry - mewed like a cat. Dr monitored her closely for over a week, including o2 levels and had a blood test which showed RSV. The following week she developed a UTI and ear infection so there may be an underlying infection which the antibiotics are being prescribed to ward off in dn's case.

She is fine (2.4yrs now) and recovered very quickly with no subsequent chest problems, but it was really scary at the time. btw in an adult or older child RSV causes cold symptoms so it is really common for babies to catch it their first winter and a high proportion are hospitalised.

hope she recovers soon,

SpringChicken · 09/01/2004 15:50

Thanks everyone - that's made me feel slightly better knowing that it's not uncommon.
I was worrying more because i'd heard dangerous bronchitis could be in elderly people and pressume it would be the same for babies.

Thanks for the reassurance

OP posts:
popsycal · 09/01/2004 17:37

ds had bronchiolitus twice this time last year....aged 4 months and 6 months
hospitalised twice so quite serious...even so, he recovered fairly speedily and is absolutely fine!

popsycal · 09/01/2004 17:38

hpe she is ok springchicken - scary isnt it, seeing them like that

gemzhollie · 28/02/2010 15:43

my 5 week old baby was in hospital last week with broncitis too. he has got a real bad cough and his breathing can be fast. his breathing is also really croaky and has been bringing up flem with his feeds. is this normal does anyone know? he has been taking all his feeds and having loads of wet nappies.

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